Our Management

Eisai’s policies and programs are supported by full management commitment. We understand that effective management is essential to ensure that policies are implemented correctly, programs help patients in need, and philanthropy achieves its intended impact.

Senior Executive Involvement in Access to Medicines

At Eisai, the Senior Executive responsible for Corporate Affairs has overall responsibility for access strategies and reports on these to the Executive Committee, which is chaired by the company CEO. In addition to ad hoc reporting as required, a report on Eisai’s overall approach to Access to Medicines is delivered to the Executive Committee.
As of July 2017, Mr. Masatomi Akana, Vice President for Corporate Affairs, has overall responsibility for Eisai’s access strategies.

Policy, Advocacy & Sustainability Department

As a specialized department, Eisai's Policy, Advocacy & Sustainability (PAS) Department leads our access to medicines strategies, being responsible for development of new business models, private-public partnerships, and product development partnerships, as well as promotion of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives. In partnership with others inside and outside the company, the PAS Department plans and implements Eisai’s access to medicines related initiatives, and also evaluates the benefits these initiatives bring about to patients and their families. The PAS Department reviews current strategies and discusses new approaches with representatives from relevant organizations within Eisai, and introduces Eisai’s access to medicines initiatives primarily through the corporate website and corporate publications.