Biodiversity Conservation

Established the “Biodiversity Guidelines”

The Eisai Group conducts its business activities by utilizing natural resources brought by biodiversity. The anti-cancer agent Halaven, which was discovered and developed in-house is derived from the natural product Halichondria okadai and the conservation of biodiversity is becoming an important issue for our sustainable business activities. In view of this, we will not only comply with laws such as the Law Concerning the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity through Regulations on the Use of Living Modified Organisms (2003) and the Invasive Alien Species Act (2004), but also ascertain the impact on biodiversity during each phase of our business activities and working to make improvements. Furthermore, we are striving to preserve the natural environment at each business site.

In fiscal 2020, we revised the Eisai Network Companies (ENW) Environmental Policy for undertaking business activities that consider biodiversity conservation and contribute to the realization of a society that is in harmony with nature. In addition, we established the “Biodiversity Guidelines” with the aim of fulfilling our social responsibilities regarding biodiversity with all employees recognizing the importance of biodiversity.

Eisai Biodiversity Guidelines

Basic concept

The Eisai Group is grateful for the blessings of nature produced by biodiversity and strives to conserve biodiversity and use biological resources in a sustainable manner. We will consider the impact of our business activities on biodiversity and contribute to the realization of a society coexisting with nature based on harmony with the global environment.

Basic policy

  1. We will strive to understand the impact of our business activities on biodiversity not only in the Group companies but also in the entire supply chain, and conduct corporate management that emphasizes the conservation of biodiversity.
  2. We will actively promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the prevention of environmental pollution caused by the emission of chemical substances, and the proper disposal of waste as well as the effective use of resources for the purpose of reducing the environmental impact that adversely affects biodiversity.
  3. We will conduct our business activities in compliance with international laws, regulations, and agreements as well as the fair use of biological resources, including genetic resources to ensure their sustainable use.
  4. We will raise awareness of our employees regarding the necessity to conserve biodiversity and contribute to the creation of a society that fosters biodiversity through cooperation and collaboration with stakeholders in and outside Japan.
  5. We will improve our credibility with society through proactive disclosure of environmental information related to the conservation of biodiversity.

Main Initiatives in and outside Japan

Since commencing operations in March 1966, the Kawashima Plant has been working to preserve the natural environment within the plant under the concept of “All for Patients and Nature.” The greening rate at the Kawashima Plant is around 50% of the total site area of approximately 470,000 ㎡ and the plant maintains and manages about 30,000 trees in keeping with our founder’s thinking that “If you cut one tree, plant three trees.” Among these trees, almost all the black pine trees, the town tree of the former Kawashima town, are maintained and managed on the plant premises. Furthermore, the Medicinal Herbal Garden at the Naito Museum of Pharmaceutical Science and Industry, where about 600 types of medicinal and otherwise beneficial plants, including endangered species, are cultivated and conserved.

In addition, at the Fukushima Plant of EA Pharma Co., Ltd., we are planting a variety of trees such as Yoshino cherry trees, weeping cherry trees, zelkova and metasequoia as we work to conserve the planted forests on the premises.
Furthermore, Eisai Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd. (India), started a tree planting program in 2020 to raise environmental awareness in conjunction with World Environment Day in June. As of March 2021, 5,000 trees had been planted in Andhra Pradesh, where the site is situated.

Conservation of endangered species at the Medicinal Herbal Garden,Naito Museum of Pharmaceutical Science and Industry(Gifu Prefecture) Conservation of planted forests on the premises (EA Pharma Co.,Ltd.Fukushima Plant) Tree planting program in conjunction with World Environment Day(Eisai Pharmaceuticals India Pvt.Ltd.)