Eisai Corporate Account Community Guidelines

Thank you for visiting the official social media account (“this account”) of Eisai Co., Ltd. (“Eisai”). In order to achieve better communication with everyone who uses this account (“Users”), Eisai provides the following community guidelines (“these Guidelines”). When using this account, it is necessary to agree to these Guidelines.

Compliance with Terms of Use and Community Guidelines

All Users must comply with the terms of use of each social media company as well as these Guidelines. By using this account (any act of using this account by submitting, posting or sharing content on this account, including simply viewing the content on this account) you are deemed to have agreed to these Guidelines.


  • This account is managed by Eisai.
  • Please note that, in principle, we cannot respond to User comments. If you require a response from Eisai, such as for inquiries related to Eisai’s products, please contact Eisai via its website directly.

    Contact for inquiries related to Eisai’s products

    Website https://www.eisai.com/inquiry/

  • Eisai reserves the right to change, delete or cease operation of this account at any time, without notice.


  • Information provided on this account is current as of the date it is posted. While Eisai provides information with close attention, Eisai does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, timeliness, safety or reliability of the information provided on this account.
  • Any information posted by Eisai or its employees via social media does not represent an official statement or opinion of Eisai. For Eisai’s official statements and opinions, please see Eisai’s corporate website, news releases or other disclosures.
  • Eisai shall not be liable for any damage caused through Users’ use of this account or any unavailability of this account.
  • Eisai takes no responsibility for any content (comments, photos, videos, etc.) posted by Users.
  • Content submitted by Users is only an expression of individual feelings, opinions and thoughts, and does not reflect the opinions and thoughts of Eisai, its employees or other stakeholders.
  • By posting content, Users declare and guarantee that such content does not infringe upon any of the rights of third parties and that they hold all rights and authority thereto. Accordingly, Eisai is not responsible in any way for any form of rights infringement related to such content.
  • Eisai takes no responsibility for any trouble or disputes related to this account that may arise between Users or between Users and any third parties.

Precautions for Use of this Account

  • Please note that this account is operated by the platform and the system of each respective social media company. Eisai cannot respond to any questions regarding the operational status of the social media company’s system, other software and application functions, how to use the service or technical support.
  • When Users become followers of this account, they are deemed to have given permission for this account to access publicly available information on such Users’ accounts or profiles.
  • Eisai reserves the right to take the procedure to delete posts, block access to this account or take any other necessary measures without notifying Users beforehand.
  • Eisai may not follow every User that follows this account. Furthermore, Eisai may follow Users who do not follow this account.

Prohibited Activities

When using this account, the following behavior (including attempts to solicit such behavior or preparatory activity, “prohibited activities”) is strictly prohibited. In addition to banning any User who engages in prohibited activity from this account without notice, Eisai can also take any measures required to remove the results of the prohibited activities. Eisai may also take legal action against any Users who engages in prohibited activities, including requesting compensation for any damage caused.

Users must not:

  • Impersonate a third party, including Eisai
  • Identify, disclose or leak personal information of a third party
  • Damage or slander the reputation or credibility of Eisai or a third party (including individuals, companies, countries and regions)
  • Engage in political activities, election activities, religious activities or other similar activities
  • Post any content for the purpose of criminal activity, or induce any criminal activity
  • Post inappropriate content, including indecent material
  • Engage in discrimination or any activity that potentially promotes discrimination
  • Post malicious computer software or induce its usage
  • Falsify any information obtained through this account
  • Infringe the rights (including copyright, trademark rights, reputation or privacy rights) of Eisai or any third party
  • Interfere with the operation of this account, cause disadvantages to any third party, including Eisai, or engage in any activity which causes the risk of such interference or disadvantages
  • Interfere with other Users’ use of or access to all or any part of Eisai’s services
  • Engage in spamming
  • Introduce or advertise specific products, stores or companies for commercial purposes
  • Engage in any inappropriate behavior as determined by each social media company
  • Violate the laws, ordnances, ethics, public order or morals, or engage in any activity which causes the risk of such violation
  • Engage in any other behavior that Eisai deems as inappropriate

Precautions Regarding Pharmaceutical Laws and Regulations

  • This account is not for the advertisement of prescription drugs.
  • Users must acknowledge that any comments or other contents that appear to violate the law (including, without limitation, the following examples) shall be removed without notice.
    • Any content that contains product or generic names of prescription drugs (including individual impressions and experiences with usage)
    • Any content that does not match the approved dosage and administration of OTC products, quasi-drug products or other similar products
    • Any content that declares or suggests the pharmaceutical efficacy of food (e.g. effect on a specific part of the body, restorative effect for a specific symptom), or implies that such food falls under the category of pharmaceutical products.

Handling of Intellectual Property Rights

  • The rights to all contents (including, without limitation, logos, trademarks and images) submitted or posted by Eisai on this account belong to Eisai or the party that provided such contents, and are protected by laws governing intellectual property (including, without limitation, copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights and know-how), unless otherwise specified.
  • Any contents provided through this account cannot be used (including, without limitation, reproduction, sale, publishing or making public) by the Users other than for lawful personal use allowed under copyright laws. Furthermore, any use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • The copyrights to content submitted by User belongs to the individual User who submitted the same; however, such content is deemed to be non-confidential and the rights therein are unreserved, therefore, the User permits Eisai to use (including, without limitation, reproduction, adaptation, extraction, making public and translation) the submitted contents worldwide on a non-exclusive, royalty-free basis, and agrees that such User will not exercise any intellectual property rights such as copyright or moral rights of authorship against Eisai.

Handling of Personal Information

Any personal information of Users obtained by Eisai will be handled appropriately in accordance with Eisai’s Privacy Policy (http://www.eisai.com/privacy/index.html).

Revision of these Guidelines

Eisai may revise these Guidelines without notice. In this case, the latest version of these Guidelines shall apply to the use of this account.
The revised Guidelines shall be effective from the time they are posted on this account, except in certain circumstances determined separately by Eisai. Users that use this account after the revised Guidelines are posted shall be deemed to have accepted the latest Guidelines.

Injunction and Compensation

Users who breach these Guidelines shall be responsible for providing compensation for any damage suffered by Eisai as a result of such action. Eisai reserves the right to seek injunctions against any User activity that breaches or attempts to breach these Guidelines.

Governing Law and Court

These Guidelines are governed by Japanese law. Furthermore, any dispute between Users or between Users and Eisai that arises over the use of this account or associated services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.