What is hhc?

Eisai is a company that focuses on not only developing pharmaceuticals but also the potential of corporative activities that goes beyond the provision of medicines. We believe that our mission is not limited to simply delivering the drugs to the patient.

All Eisai employees consider the emotions of patients, their families and consumers. And, we discuss what we should do to increase their benefits, with the perspectives of being a customer. Then, we will put it into practice in our business activities, demonstrate it, disseminate it to the world, and change society.

This is our cherished corporate concept, human health care (hhc).


Eisai’s human health care (hhc)

Eisai conducts its business with a clear understanding that patients as well as their families and consumers are the key players in healthcare.

Eisai’s corporate concept is to give first thought to patients and their families, and increase the benefits that health care provides as well as address diverse healthcare needs worldwide. Eisai calls this the “human health care (hhc)” concept, in one word. Eisai believes that, in order to realize thehhcconcept, it is important for each Eisai employee to firstly get close to patients, see the situation from their perspectives in order to learn to empathize with thoughts and feelings that might not necessarily always be expressed in words. Accordingly, the Eisai Group recommends that all of its employees spend 1% of their working hours with patients.

Our corporate concept is understood and internalized by each employee within the Group, both in Japan and overseas. This understanding is then shared and implemented in the daily business activities of all Eisai employees, and serves to effectively transcend nationalities, national borders, and gender and age.

We fulfill our obligation to society by considering the perspectives of patients, their families and the global community overall, developing a response to their needs, verifying the social benefits of this response, and finally by making this response available to the world before anyone else.

This is thehhcthat Eisai aims to realize.

Corporate Concept

We give first thought to patients and the people in the daily living domain, and increase the benefits that healthcare provides to them as well as meet their diversified healthcare needs worldwide

The Group’s Corporate Concept Logomark combines inspiration from the life and dedication of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), who made enormous contributions to the development of the nursing profession and public health, with our own Eisaihhcconcept. As such, the script for the logo is modeled on the signature of this prominent figure, who we regard as having played an immense role in the history of modern-day nursing.

hhc human health care

Mission and Results

Eisai stipulated this concept as one of its Articles of Incorporation with the support of its shareholders. The Articles of Incorporation states, within its “Corporate Concept”, that “The Company’s mission is the enhancement of patient satisfaction. The Company believes that revenues and earnings will be generated by fulfilling this mission. The Company places importance on this sequence of placing the mission before the ensuing results.” This order of mission and results motivates Eisai employees to gather and work at Eisai, rather than elsewhere, and shows the way we should go.

“Socialization” is Key to Conceiving and Implementing Our Activities

As an initiative to embody Eisai’s human health care philosophy which gives first thought to increasing the benefits to patients and consumers, set forth in Eisai’s corporate concept, what we value most is to understand the patients’ and their families’ thoughts. The feelings that can be expressed in words are only a part. We believe that we need to be aware of, feel, and empathize with the deepest feelings behind the words or the indescribable feelings of patients. To that end, Eisai recommends all officers and employees of the Eisai Group globally to spend 1% of their business hours with patients to engage in “socialization”, spending time with patients and their families or sharing experiences such as eating or working together.

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The dementia café at Naito Museum of Pharmaceutical Science and Industry in Kawashima Industrial Park (Gifu Prefecture, Japan )
Interaction with People with Lymphatic Filariasis (Primary Health Center, India)

Eisai’s Initiatives to Realize Innovation Based “Knowledge Creation Theory”

At Eisai, in order to realize thehhcconcept, each employee is committed to think outside of the box through their day-to-day work and achieve innovation that eliminates the anxiety of patients or address the needs of patients based on “Knowledge Creation Theory” advocated by Professor Emeritus. Ikujiro Nonaka, Hitotsubashi University. The “SECI Model” is the core framework of Knowledge Creation Theory to innovate systematically with exchanging and transferring tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge within an organization. The model theorizes knowledge creation in four phases. It is important to keep turning this knowledge creation spiral of 4 phases in order to strategically create knowledge.
Based on the SECI model, Eisai practices thehhcprocess “Approach to anxiety” to commit understanding and resolving the anxiety of patients.

Origin of Eisai 'Anxiety Driven Model'
from Empathy(All employees spend 1% of their working hours) to Extracting/understanding anxleties from Extracting/understanding anxleties to Strategy to remove anxieties from Strategy to remove anxieties to Implementing strategy from Implementing strategy to Empathy
Reference : Information Meeting – March 26, 2021

At Eisai, all officers and employees, which count more than 10,000 around the world, have dedicated 1% of their business hours to spending time with patients and their families. The most important part of thehhcprocess “Approach to anxiety” is that, through these efforts, we feel the patient’s thought, especially their anxieties, as our own, and achieving the empathy with the patient’s emotion. We will gather the concerns that each of us captured through such process, and extract and understand the anxiety of patients from those through repeated discussions in groups or teams within the company. Thus, the starting point of Eisai as a company is to develop its corporate actions and strategies to eliminate the anxiety of patients and to rotate the cycle of implementing them.

hhc Driven Innovation Activities (hhc Activities)

The activities within the organization, sharing the awareness gained through socialization with patients and formulating and implementing specific action plans to meet the potential needs of the patients, are called the “hhcDriven Innovation activities (hhcactivities)”. At Eisai as whole, more than 500 activities are carried out globally every year.

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Eisai holds an annual event named “hhcInitiative” every year to recognize and commend outstanding activities that have made significant contributions especially to patients, among thehhcactivities that are being carried out. Members representing R&D, production, sales, and management departments from around the world will participate in the event, where they are to present their best practices each other and to learn and exchange the “knowledge” created in the process. Through the “hhcInitiative”, Eisai is actively promoting knowledge sharing globally.

hhc Activities

Eisai aims to have each employee create individual knowledge and then share it with other employees.
In order to have each employee recognize Eisai'shhcconcept as a shared value rather than as the ideas of an individual, and to express that concept in each employee's daily work duties, we ask the employees to participate inhhcactivities in their separate divisions or organizations. We regard patients and their families as the most important participants in the health care process. In order to increase the benefits to them, approximately 600 differenthhcthemes are being developed globally as everydayhhcactivities. We will continue to accept the challenge of doing the best we can for patients and their families.

Empowering People to Realize Their Fullest Life

Eisai continues to evolve. In our medium-term business plan “EWAY Future & Beyond”, Eisai has expanded its main role in healthcare, that is, we should contribute not only to people in the medical domain but also to people in the daily living domain, and aim to deliver solutions based on thehhc.

Improving Access to Medicines

Making our medicines available to those who need them

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