hhceco (the hhc Concept + ecosystem)

Expanding the Scope of Contribution: From the Medical Domain to People in the Daily Living Domain

We have been implementing our new medium-term business plan “EWAY Future & Beyond” since FY2021. 
In the new medium-term business plan, we are expanding the main beneficiaries of healthcare - that is, we should contribute not only to people in the medical domain but also to people in the daily living domain.
Eisai aim’s to evolve into an hhceco (hhc concept + ecosystem) company that empowers people “to realize their fullest life” by creating solutions based on science and data in the neurology and oncology fields, where we have our greatest strength, through an ecosystem developed in collaboration with other industries.

Eisai Universal Platform

At the core of hhceco’s implementation is the Eisai Universal Platform (EUP).

This platform will be built through the experience, know-how, and clinical data that we have accumulated through our activities as a pharmaceutical company, in addition to the use of external data and collaboration with government agencies, medical institutions, and other partner companies. Collaboration with other organizations will not only lead to the creation of new drugs, but also the generation of a variety of data. From this data, various digital tools can be created and delivered through Eisai’s or other industries’ networks. We anticipate that the solutions and information produced through the EUP will have a significant synergistic effect for other industries, and provide value to the people to whom other industries contribute.


In the field of dementia, which has been a key focus area of our company, we believe that it is important to provide value to people from the healthy stage, leading to early diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia. We are working to improve the circumstances surrounding dementia, including diagnosis, in order to maximize the value of disease-modifying drugs when they are launched.  In addition, we believe that the development of algorithms for predicting the natural course of dementia using clinical trial data and external cohort data, as well as efforts to visualize the prediction of treatment effects, will be accelerated by the establishment of a digital infrastructure.


We will build this ecosystem beginning with the dementia field, where we have such strengths, and further work to expand the ecosystem to contribute to other fields such as oncology, not only within Japan but globally.