Dementia Ecosystem

Societal Innovation through Establishing the Dementia Ecosystem

We have been spending time with people with dementia for over 20 years since the launch of Aricept®, then finally came to understand the following three anxieties that they have after years of “Socialization.” The first one is “when will symptoms appear?,” the second is “are there any ways to avoid this disease?,” and the third is “I don’t want to be a burden on my family.” Then, based on a hypothesis that if we successfully respond to these three anxieties, we could bring a sense of happiness and assurance to people with dementia, we introduced the Dementia Ecosystem Platform Model, a strategy aimed at realizing Societal Innovation, through repeated brainstorming.

Dementia Platform "Easiit"

We have initiated a full-fledged effort to form a dementia platform “Easiit” (pronounced “E-Zit”).

The core of “Easiit” is a loop of information between people with dementia and our data platform.

The core asset of “Easiit” is high-quality data obtained from internal and external clinical studies including the studies for next generation dementia treatments that we have accumulated since the development of Aricept®. We will make various projections and give advice based on the AI analysis of the information of the people with dementia. To realize this, we would like firstly to ask people to share daily living domain information such as how you sleep, walk, eat and so on, and the results from “NouKNOWTM” (pronounced “NOH-NOH”). “NouKNOWTM” is a digital tool for self-assessment of brain performance (brain health), and was launched in March 2020 for legal entities such as municipalities and corporations. Based on the data we have accumulated, we are considering conducting AI analysis and returning information about preventive activities and risk projection of dementia to all parties. This information loop potentially promotes the measurement of brain health and the habit of preventive behavior.

At the same time, in the medical domain, we plan to input data of check-ups conducted at medical institutions, and brain performance data measured by “CognigramTM” that shares algorithms with “NouKNOWTM,” through an application designed for doctors. By analyzing the data, we aim to visualize treatment results and assist with detection of side effects, leading on to treatment as well as greater efficiency in medical consultation or diagnosis. This function of bridging the daily living domain and medical domain is the whole image of “Easiit” through which we aim to realize Societal Innovation.