hhceco (the hhc philosophy + ecosystem)

From “The Patient” to “The People”

We have been implementing the new medium-term business plan “EWAY Future & Beyond” since FY2021.
In the new medium-term management plan, we aim to broaden our perspective, that is, shifting the perspective from that of patients to The People, including not only patients but also individual consumers. With the vision of “empowering The People to realize their fullest life”, we will further enhance the hhc process of understanding the anxieties of The People, developing strategies to eliminate the anxieties and resolving it, based on the human health care (hhc) philosophy that we have practiced over the years, and thus we will keep reaching out and connecting with the lives of each and every one of The People. As a result, we aim to evolve into the hhc philosophy + ecosystem (hhceco) to help The People realize their fullest life from times of health to the end. 

The Eisai Universal Platform

The core of this ecosystem is the Eisai Universal Platform. The ecosystem is designed to advances solutions, including drugs that rely on various data and digital tools, and deliver them to The People in the most appropriate way.

Furthermore, we aim to have other industries utilize the solutions and information created by the Eisai Universal Platform, and to build an ecosystem that increases the contribution to “The People” in each industry. In the area of dementia, where Eisai is currently taking the lead, we have concluded business alliance agreements with companies in a wide range of fields such as the insurance industry, food industry, and financial industry, and thus are advancing measures to eliminate more diversified anxieties.