Stable Supply

Initiatives for Stable Supply - Formulating a Business Continuity Plan

Eisai has formulated a business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure stable supply in the event of any risk, such as a pandemic, natural disaster, accident or act of terrorism. In this BCP, Eisai stipulates plans and processes for the continuation of business activities related to production logistics, such as continuation of factory operations, minimizing of damages, and early recovery, while placing the highest priority on ensuring the safety of employees in anticipation of any and all emergencies.

In addition, we secure an inventory of raw materials and products appropriately in order to provide a stable supply of our products even in the event of a situation that interferes with raw material procurement, production, or distribution. We are also undertaking initiatives for securing backup sites that enable alternate operations in times of emergency, primarily for specific products, especially those with a high degree of urgency and importance.

Global Production System (Innovation Base)

Eisai provides high-quality products that generate customer satisfaction by establishing “Ricchi” through utilizing the strengths of each manufacturing site and conducting demand innovation activities worldwide. Through demand innovation activities, Eisai is working on launching new products at an early stage and improving existing products by enabling Eisai employees to gain insight into the feelings of patients and understand their true needs through Socialization programs with patients.