1. Eisai's Advocacy Activities

May 7, 2012

All of Eisai's activities, including its advocacy work, are based on the company's hhc (human health care) philosophy. We place primary emphasis on patients and their families, striving to increase thebenefits that health care provides them while conducting our business to meet theirdiversified health care needs worldwide. We aim to make a meaningful contribution under any health care system through our business activities around the world.

One way in which we realize this corporate philosophy is through our commitment to Compliance, which is a foundation stone of our company and the highest priority.

It is vital that we exercise our business judgment and take action in our business in a timely and proper manner, always in compliance with all relevant laws and ethical standards. Compliance is a cornerstone of the company's existence and is given a top priority in our corporate activities. Eisai directors, officers and employees are required to act at all times and in all their daily activities strictly in accordance with this Charter.

In our advocacy work and when interacting with healthcare professionals, medical institutions and patient organizations, Eisai commits to the following:

  1. Wherever it does business in the world, Eisai adheres to its own Charter of Business Conduct and Code of Conduct. In particular with regard to our advocacy work, Eisai employees adhere to the eighth article of our Charter of Business Conduct: “We will maintain open and honest relations with political and government entities.”
  2. Eisai complies with local industry association behavioral codes, which are based on the IFPMA Code.
  3. Eisai commits to meet or exceed these standards in every country in which it does business. In some cases, the requirements of national laws or codes go beyond those of the IFPMA Code. In such cases, Eisai adheres to whichever is the more stringent requirement.