Notice Concerning Appointment of New Representative Officer

Listed Company Name: Eisai Co., Ltd. 
Representative: Haruo Naito 
Representative Corporate Officer and CEO 
Securities Code: 4523

Stock Exchange Listings: Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Inquiries: Sayoko Sasaki
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Phone +81-3-3817-5120



Eisai Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) resolved at its Board of Directors meeting held on May 15, 2024, to appoint a new Representative Corporate Officer, effective June 14, 2024 as described below.


1. Reason for Change

The Company is dedicated to maximizing our contribution to global patients and building a dementia ecosystem through our efforts with the Alzheimer's Disease treatment LEQEMBI. To realize our Corporate Concept and achieve sustainable growth, the corporate officer responsible for leading the maximization of corporate value based on this strategy will be assigned as a representative corporate officer.


2. Appointment of New Representative Corporate Officer (effective June 14, 2024)


 (Newly Appointed Representative Corporate Officer)


New Job TitleNameCurrent Job Title
Representative Corporate Officer and Executive Vice President Keisuke Naito

Senior Vice President

Chief Strategy and Planning Officer

Chief Ecosystem Officer

Global Alzheimer's Disease Officer

3. Career Summary of Newly Appointed Representative Corporate Officer

Name:Keisuke Naito
Date of Birth:  August 18, 1988
October 2013         Joined the Company
February 2019 Head of Dementia Total Inclusive Ecosystem HQs
June 2019 Vice President
June 2019 Chief Digital Officer
June 2019 Assigned to Dementia Total Inclusive Ecosystem
January 2020 President, Dementia Total Inclusive Ecosystem HQs
October 2020 Head of Consumer Experience Transformation HQs
October 2020 Deputy President, Eisai Japan
June 2021 Chief Ecosystem Officer (Current)
April 2022 Head of Global IT Management HQs
June 2023 Senior Vice President (Current)
June 2023 Chief Strategy & Planning Officer (Current)
August 2023 Global Alzheimer's Disease Officer (Current)

Number of shares held: 970 shares (as of March 31, 2024)



4. Scheduled Transfer Date

June 14, 2024