Promoting Global Knowledge Exchange through “hhc Initiative 2019”

December, 2019

On December 5, 2019, approximately 140 participants, including CEO Naito, Professor Ikujiro Nonaka (Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University), Dr. Akihiro Okumura (Vice President, University of Shizuoka), Outside Directors, senior management and hhc managers from various Eisai subsidiaries worldwide, assembled at our global head office in Tokyo to participate in “hhc Initiative 2019.” 

hhc Initiative is an annual event that promotes and recognizes excellence in innovative activities based on our hhc corporate philosophy. Each year, the most outstanding initiatives are selected from a range of innovative projects by Eisai employees, covering diverse hhc Driven activities that aim to realize various contributions to patients, case reports and proposals submitted by internal applicants (known as the “Eisai Innovation Paper”), as well as achievements of in-house R&D and production organizations. The overall aim of the event is to increase the understanding of the importance of innovative initiatives that emphasize health care from the patients' perspectives, and by sharing these results to promote further innovation.

Award Recipients

This year's hhc Initiative featured presentations on a total of 18 innovative activity themes. Of these, we would like to highlight an activity by our America sales branch, Eisai Inc. (“Eisai U.S.”)

H. pylori (Hp)


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