European hhc Managers Meeting Held

January, 2009

A European hhc Managers Meeting was held in the United Kingdom on November 19 and 20, 2008 for managers in charge of promoting hhc at distribution companies in Europe.

<Day 1>
The managers were explained the history of hhc and the details of hhc activities carried out in Japan, the US and Asia. They learned the importance of gaining first-hand knowledge of patients' emotions (joy, anger, sadness, happiness) and reconfirmed that it is the mission of Eisai employees to realize hhc through our daily works.
Next, the participants' hhc mindset was nurtured through an elderly simulation exercise. They experienced the daily challenges and difficulties faced by elderly persons, and learned the importance of thinking and behaving with an awareness of patients' circumstances.
Finally, with the objective of interacting with patients, they had the opportunity to visit residents at a local care home for the elderly and a school for children with special educational needs. Talking with the parents of children with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and nurses specializing in the care of patients with dementia reinforced their empathy for patients.

<Day 2>
The hhc Managers discussed what they noticed or felt through their field experiences the day before and shared their empathy for patients. Using this as a basis, they drafted and presented concrete plans of what each company should do towards the realization of hhc mission.
At the closing of the meeting, the managers pledged that they will carry out activities for the realization of hhc mission using interaction between Eisai employees and patients as the starting point. We look forward to the realization of hhc mission in the European countries they represented.

Scenes from the elderly simulation exercise
Earplug, Special glasses, Weight vest, Elbow supporter, Wrist weight, Glove, Knee supporter, Weight, Supporter


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