Nurturing the hhc Mind-set through Knowledge Leader Training

February, 2007

The Knowledge Leader Training course, which is open to all employees in Japan, consists primarily of visits to elder care facilities and a hands-on elderly simulator program.
Here we present details of the elderly simulation.

The program, developed by Wonderful Aging Club, uses ear plugs to simulate senior hearing loss, special glasses that simulate cataracts and contract the filed of vision, hand and wrist weights and supporters that replicate a decline in muscle strength, and other devices. By donning this equipment, users can experience firsthand the physical function and mental changes that they will likely feel in their old age (approximately age 75 to 80). The simulation is carried out by many companies and schools as a part of their training and educational programs with the objective of facilitating the development of goods and services as well as the creation of an environment and society more considerate of the elderly.
Through the program, participants learn firsthand the importance of seeing and considering things from another person's point of view in order to understand that person, and that it is necessary to consider and appreciate the feelings of other people.
Some typical comments from participants included the following: “The experience was quite different from my image of elderly people”; “I now have a better understanding of how the elderly feel and act”; “I have developed a greater desire to help elderly people who are facing difficulties.” These comments indicate how the program is effective in generating feelings of concern and consideration among the participants.
Eisai will continue to use this program to foster a corporate culture and the hhc mind-set of “taking action while considering the perspectives of patients.”

Earplug, Special glasses, Weight vest, Elbow supporter, Wrist weight, Glove, Knee supporter, Weight, Supporter


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