Purchasing Process

Open Purchasing

At Eisai Co., Ltd.'s global purchasing group, our doors are always open to all suppliers.
We are always interested to learn about the latest technologies you have.
Please allow us to introduce to you the appropriate department of our company as necessary.

The following is a general outline of our purchasing process.

  • 1.Approach and proposal from suppliers regarding potential supply of raw materials, intermediates, pharmaceutical ingredients and packaging materials

  • 2.Meeting with suppliers, confirmation of proposal details and request for quotations as necessary

  • 3.Selection of (multiple) promising candidate suppliers

  • 4.Request for the supply of sample(s) and own evaluation

  • 5.Narrowing down of candidate suppliers

  • 6.Request for trial manufacture of the product item, evaluation of quality

  • 7.Committee meeting for evaluation and selection

  • 8.Due diligence by on-site inspection

  • 9.Decision to adopt made by senior committee

  • 10.Conclusion of Product Quality Agreement and Supply Agreement, Price negotiation (Opening of account)

  • 11.Formal decision to make purchase

  • 12.Production and delivery