Health Management

Policy and Basic Concept

In June 2019, Eisai issued the "Eisai Health Declaration". The health of our employees, who are responsible for realizing our hhc concept, is of utmost importance, and we are heavily promoting activities to maintain and improve employee health. the Eisai Health Declaration, we have identified the three key strategies of improving employees’ healthcare literacy, physical health, and mental health. We are also considering ways to ensure that our employees work in a healthy manner, both physically and mentally, and  are putting into place initiatives and an environment to maintain and improve the health of not only our employees, but also their families. We believe it is important to understand the level of health literacy of our employees before promoting various measures, and to help them maintain their physical and mental health through improving their healthcare literacy so that they can enrich their lives in their own way. The key strategic items set forth in the Eisai Health Declaration are revised every three years, taking into account the status of health and productivity promotion measures, the health outcomes of employees as well as changes in the social environment. The next revision is scheduled for 2025.

Targets, Issues and Actions

Under the Eisai Health Declaration, we are actively promoting activities to maintain and improve the health of our employees. However, the ratio of Eisai employees undergoing health checkups has not yet reached 100%, and the number of employees who meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome or those in the pre-metabolic syndrome group has been increasing year by year. In light of these issues, we will promote four health-related measures.

1)Expansion of Measures related to Health Checkups
In order to maintain and improve the health of our employees and their families, we are currently considering simulations to predict the results of health checkups, in order to visualize their future health outcomes and increase the rate of health checkups. In addition, with the aim of increasing the rate of employees undergoing a secondary health checkup, we will treat employees as having worked if they undergo such checkups. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Eisai Health Insurance Society, we aim to increase the participation rate of employees in specific health guidance, which is the key to preventing lifestyle diseases.

2)Enhancing Prevention of Dementia
We encourage our employees to conduct a self-assessment of brain performance using a tool called NouKnow® when they undergo their regular health checkups, as a means of raising their own awareness. Along with this, we will expand the scope of this program to the families of employees, raising awareness and recommending the use of this tool to foster peace of mind for both employees and their families. 

3)Early Prediction of Carcinogenic Risk
We are considering the expansion of subsidies for cancer screening when undergoing a Comprehensive Health Checkup (Ningen Doc) or conducting tumor marker tests, etc. for the early detection of cancer risks. We also conduct also conducts health events for all generations to reduce the number of those that meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome and those that fall into the pre-metabolic syndrome category.

4)Enhanced Support Structure
We are considering expanding our benefit programs to support and prepare for any eventuality.

Expansion Plans for the Future

Structures and Systems

Based on the recognition that our efforts are integral and inseparable for “maintaining and increasing employee health” and “work style reform,” we have promoted employee health management, time management, and rectification of long working hours, etc., along with promoting the development of new work environments based on the concept of WLB in a various ways. In October 2019, with the intention of strengthening the implementation of each policy, we merged the organizations responsible for the planning of HR / labor policies and promotion of employee health to establish the Strategic Operation and Healthcare Management Group, under the CHRO (Chief HR Officer) in the Labor Policy Department. We are working on promoting an integrated approach for the health and productivity management conducted by Eisai as a company and the data health implemented by the Eisai Health Insurance Society and others.

Support system for health equity initiatives



Ratio of individuals undergoing regular health checkups 98.3% 99.0% 99.9%
Ratio of individuals undergoing stress level screening 97.6% 96.8% 97.3%
Percentage of those diagnosed with high stress 7.6% 9.3% 8.3%
Overall health risk rating 86 86 83
Smoking prevalence 13.2% 11.8% 10.9%
Number of persons with abnormal glucose metabolism 1.0% 2.1% 0.7%
Number of persons with blood pressure findings 0.4% 0.2% 0.1%
Percentage of those maintaining an appropriate body weight 67.8% 68.7% 69.6%
Percentage of employees who are well rested from sleep 73.3% 73.0% 73.1%
Percentage of those who exercise habitually 33.3% 26.5% 27.6%
Medical expenses per employee \155,000 \167,000 ¥175,000