Purchasing Policy

  1. Eisai shall continuously strive to deliver products of better quality towards the objective of contributing to patient's health by procurement of high quality materials and services.
  2. The procurement process shall be open and shall afford each qualified prospective vendor, timely access to the accurate information of specifications and desired quality attributes.
  3. Eisai shall seek to optimize quality while maximizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.
  4. Eisai expects suppliers and all stakeholders to conduct business and themselves professionally, fairly, reasonably and with integrity, meeting the legal and regulatory requirements. Eisai vendors are subject to qualification, monitoring, and auditing, as appropriate for meeting the regulatory requirements of countries or regions.
  5. Eisai continues its philosophy of maintaining coexistence and co-prosperity with suppliers and giving satisfaction to customers.
  6. Eisai continues to work with suppliers in diverse regions and cultures to reduce vulnerability and ensure security of supply.
  7. Eisai prohibits the payment or offering (of any item of value or bribe) for the purpose of inducing or influencing any procurement decisions.
  8. Eisai shall pursue activities that will contribute to the effective use of resources of the earth and environmental conservation.