Promotion Structure and Internal Audits of Environmental Management

Promotion Structure

Under the supervision of the Board of Directors, the Eisai Group has established the Company-wide Environment and Safety Committee chaired by the Corporate Officer responsible for Environmental and Safety Affairs. The Committee deliberates and makes decisions on important agenda items related to environmental safety. In addition to promoting global activities such as reduction of GHG emissions and efficient use of resources, the Committee contributes to the strengthening of activities to identify environmental risks in Japan and overseas and establish countermeasures to address these risks. Important environmental issues related to the entire Eisai Group that are discussed by the Committee are reported to the Executive Committee, the highest decision-making body of the business execution departments, for deliberation, resolution, and implementation. Resolutions of the Companywide Environment and Safety Committee are shared with the Eisai Group companies in Japan and overseas at meetings of the Domestic Eisai Network Environment and Safety Conference and Global Eisai Carbon Neutrality Information Sharing Meeting, and the Group work together in addressing these issues.

Each operational site has established its own environmental management system and promotes environmental activities. The main production sites in Japan as well as the Suzhou Plant in China and Vizag Site in India have all obtained ISO 14001 certification and are conducting activities in accordance with the ISO standards, while also striving to raise environmental awareness through activities such as facilitating environmental education and training to address environmental risks. In addition to complying with environmental laws, ordinances and agreements, we periodically conduct internal environmental audits by a department specializing in internal auditing to identify and resolve issues.

Structure to Promote Environmental Management

Operational Sites Certified under ISO 14001

  • Kawashima Plant and Kashima Plant, Eisai Co., Ltd.
  • Fukushima Plant, EA Pharma Co., Ltd.
  • Suzhou Plant, Eisai China Inc.
  • Vizag Site, Eisai Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd.

Internal Audits

We undergo environmental audits by a specialized audit organization. Internal audits include domestic and overseas Eisai Group companies, and is conducted objectively from an independent standpoint. Due to the impact of COVID-19, audits in fiscal 2022 included site visits and remote audits, including those of overseas Eisai Group companies. No urgent or serious problems were detected. ISO 14001-certified plants and companies undergo an annual external audit to confirm the effectiveness of their environmental management systems, and training is provided to enhance the skills of personnel conducting internal audit. The results of annual internal audits are reflected in the continuous improvement of environmental management  system, leading to qualitative improvement of our environmental protection activities. In fiscal 2022, no serious problems were identified by the external audit organization.