Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Environmental Risk Management

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The Eisai Group in Japan strives to comply with environment-related laws, regulations, ordinances, and agreements with local governments, while setting voluntary standards that are stricter than environmental laws and regulations. Our plants and laboratories periodically measure their environmental loads, such as air and water pollution and confirm that they are equal to or below the standard values. From the perspective of protecting the surrounding environment, we also regularly measure noise, vibration, and odors in the vicinity of our plants and laboratories to confirm that the levels are equal to or below the standard values. In fiscal 2022, we did not receive administrative penalties or fines, nor were we the subject of any environmental lawsuit.

Environmental Risk Management

The Eisai Group in Japan has compiled procedures for responding to environmental accidents in its Disaster and Accident Response Manual and the Industrial Accident Reporting and Compilation Standards. We strive to gather accurate information and address problems quickly and appropriately, minimize damage and ensure the thorough prevention of recurrences. Our plants and laboratories periodically conduct emergency drills to prepare for emergencies that could have a major impact on the environment, such as the leakage or emission of hazardous chemicals from wastewater, exhaust gases, waste liquids or other sources.

Environmental Incident Report

There were no environment-related accidents in fiscal 2022.