Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Environmental Risk Management

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The Eisai Group in Japan is committed to observing environmental laws and regulations, ordinances and agreements with local governments. In particular, at our production plants and research facilities, we regularly measure the environmental impact of substances that cause air and water pollution to confirm that there are no problems. Also, from the perspective of protecting the neighboring environment, we regularly measure noise, vibrations and offensive odors at our production plants and research facilities and confirmed that these were all below the regulatory values. During the four years from fiscal 2019 to fiscal 2022, there were no environment-related penalties, lawsuits, fines.

Environmental Risk Management

The Eisai Group in Japan has compiled its procedures for responding to environmental incidents in its Disaster and Accident Response Manual and the Industrial Accident Reporting and Compilation Standards. We aim to minimize damage by collecting accurate information and taking swift and appropriate action and at the same time make every possible effort to prevent recurrence. At production plants and research facilities, in particular, we have been preparing for an emergency by regularly conducting emergency drills assuming, for instance, the leak of hazardous chemical substances from wastewater, exhaust gas or effluents as situations that significantly affect the environment.

Along with these efforts, we issued our own independent guidelines, working to identify sources of risks, and enhancing our risk management structure with a view to ensuring appropriate environmental risk management Group-wide, including Group companies outside Japan.

Environmental Incident Report

In fiscal 2022, we had no environment-related accidents.