Environmental Education and Communication

Environmental Education

In order to promote environmental protection activities in harmony with the global environment, it is important that all employees have a proper understanding of the relationship between their daily work and environmental problems, and that they make efforts to enhance their individual awareness toward solving these issues. In the Eisai Group, operational sites and Group companies voluntarily formulate education programs in accordance with their respective business characteristics and local issues. In addition to education targeted at all workers, education is also provided for various levels of employees, along with further efforts to improve the learning content.

We are also developing web-based educational materials that enable learning even in the recent telework environment. Furthermore, we actively promote participation in both internal and external professional training courses, while flexibly responding to external situations, with the aim of developing environmental educators and officially qualified employees and raising the environmental awareness of each and every employee.

Environmental Communication

In promoting our business activities, mutual understanding and cooperation with the local community is important. As such, the Kawashima Plant has been holding local community meetings every year as a platform for sharing information and enhancing communication with the local community. At these meetings, we invite neighborhood representatives and government officials to introduce our production activities and environmental protection initiatives, as well as to listen directly to participants’ comments and requests to the plant.

Similar initiatives are also undertaken by the Fukushima Plant of EA Pharma Co., Ltd. to share information on the plant’s environmental and local community contribution activities and cultivate a deeper mutual understanding.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the local community meeting at the Kawashima Plant in fiscal 2021 was held using paper reports. In contrast, the meeting at the Fukushima Plant of EA Pharma Co., Ltd. was canceled due in part to a request from the local government.

The fiscal 2021 Kawashima Plant area local community meeting(written document cover)