Positive Work Environment

Eisai aims to create workplaces where every employee can work toward the achievement of the hhc philosophy with a rewarding sense of satisfaction. At Eisai Co., Ltd., various working options are available for employees depending on their workplaces to ensure work-life balance such as flexible work hours and discretionary working arrangements. In addition, the company provides employees with extensive leave and short-working hours beyond the legal requirements to support their life events such as childcare, nursing care and recovery from injuries.
Furthermore, volunteer and organ donor leave are offered to encourage employees’ social contribution activities. Health consultation by industrial physicians and mental health care services are also provided to promote well being of the employees. Through these endeavors, we are striving to create a workplace environment that enables each employee to play an active role.

Programs for supporting employees in their life events and for self-fulfillment

Pregnancy morning sickness leave Allows expectant employees having difficulty working due to morning sickness to take leave three times per pregnancy (up to a total of 15 days).
Childcare leave Allows employees to take leave up until the child's third birthday in addition to maternity leave (leave available immediately before and after childbirth).
Caregiving leave Allows employees with family members who require caregiving to take up to five days of paid leave per year or leave of up to one year.
Shorter working time for childcare and caregiving Allows employees to work shorter hours (reduction of up to two hours per day) for childcare and caregiving. The shorter working hours for childcare are available up until the end of March following the child's ninth birthday. The program can be used with the flexible working hour program to make adjustments to working hours each month.
Temporary childcare leave Allows employees with pre-school age child(ren) to take up to five days of paid leave per year to attend to their sick child(ren) or for vaccinations and health checkups for their child(ren).
Volunteer activity leave Allows employees to take up to five days of paid leave per year for participation in volunteer activities involving health care, welfare or environmental protection led by an organization of a social and public nature.
Donor leave Allows employees who become bone marrow donors to take as many days of paid leave as necessary during the period between their registration as a donor and a checkup performed after the bone marrow harvesting.
Paternity leave Allows employees to take up to five days of special paid leave when their spouse gives birth, up until eight weeks after birth.