Diversity Initiatives

“Eisai Diversity & Inclusion 2021”

Eisai has formulated the following goals and action plans entitled “Eisai Diversity & Inclusion 2021” with the aim to achieve these goals by March 31, 2031, in order to further strongly promote diversity and inclusion that contribute to the creation of innovation by encouraging Eisai employees to capture the thoughts and anxieties of diverse people.


1. Realizing the spiral of knowledge brought about by Diversity

Aiming to increase the ratio of female employees and managers to 30% or more.

Eisai will transform its organization into one that enables decision-making and talent development based on diverse values and leadership, and build a working environment in which the individuality and strengths of each employee are reflected in management and daily operations.

(As of April 2021, the ratio of women among all employees is 24%. The ratio of women in managerial positions is 11%.)

Increasing opportunities for senior employees to take on challenges, and assisting them to become “Shining TAKUMI*”.

Eisai will accelerate realizing a spiral of knowledge with a chain of diverse knowledge, and encourage its senior employees to pass on their experience and knowledge accumulated over many years to junior employees and to become “Shining TAKUMI” where they respond to new expectations and roles from inside and outside the company in order to energize the organization.

* “Shining TAKUMI” refers to senior employees who demonstrate their significance in order to take on the challenge of creating new value and develop talent for the next generation, as a front runner who embodies the hhc philosophy. 

Increasing the ratio of directors in their 30s or younger to 20% or more.

We will further increase the diversity of management and accelerate the creation of an environment in which new ideas can be utilized in decision-making.

(As of April 2021, the ratio of directors in their 30s or younger is 10%)

2. Maximization of diverse talents and Reforming of work styles to increase their involvement with society

Expanding the range of individual discretion in choosing work locations and working hours, and promoting work style reforms.

We will make an effort to realize the best work-life balance for each and every one of our diverse employees.

For male employees, as a general rule, taking a leave on childbirth** and paternity leave for at least 5 days. Eisai aims to achieve an acquisition rate of 50%.

We will encourage all employees to understand the significance of equal participation of men and women in the family. Therefore, we will foster a workplace culture that makes it easy for both men and women to take leave for childcare and/or long-term care, and so on.

** Taking a leave on childbirth: Up to 5 days of special paid leave given to male employees within 8 weeks of the employee's spouse giving birth

3. Realizing a company where diverse talents coexist

We will contribute to the creation of a society that allows coexistence and mutualism through realizing a workplace where employees can feel motivated to work, by creating a working environment that employees can actively engage in the work and thereby supporting them, even if employees have illnesses or disabilities.

Action Plan

1. Improvement of working environment and work style reform
  • - Expanding employee discretion in choosing a work location: Eisai will increase the choice of work locations for employees, such as a shared office and Workation.
  • - Expanding employee discretion in choosing working hours: Eisai will consider transitioning to a discretionary labor system that contributes to the development of self-reliant talents.


2. Facilitating communication in the workplace

- Eisai will continue to provide training on unconscious bias for all employees.

- Eisai will provide guidelines for improving engagement and maximizing business performance by visualizing the activities of each employee and activating internal communication, in accordance with recent circumstances under which remote work (work from home) is becoming normal.

- Eisai will provide managers with training program on childcare support systems and “IKUBOSS” (Boss sympathetic to male employees spending time with their children and/or taking a leave for long-term care, etc.) to create a workplace culture that makes it easier for subordinates to take childcare leave.


3. Achieving diverse career paths and developing diverse talents

- Eisai will shift to providing its employees with proactive career development support based on the diverse values and willingness of each employee to take on challenges, instead of company-led career development, through improving the system, conducting various training, and enhancing career enlightenment and education utilizing e-learning.

- Eisai will expand opportunities for each employee to engage in business beyond their departments within the company as well as to gain work experience outside the company, and hence provide employees with new opportunities that will lead to their growth and their career development.

- When an employee takes childcare leave, Eisai will provide them with the information on nursery schools, etc. and support them for self-development during the leave so that the employee can return to work smoothly.

 4. Developing diverse leadership

- Early development of younger / female leaders: Eisai will develop and produce diverse leaders by expanding career development programs for younger and female employees and providing opportunities for them to take on the challenge of career advancement.

- Motivating the individual of the senior employees: Eisai will offer opportunities for senior employees to demonstrate their unique abilities, and create a working environment where they can take on continuous challenges regardless of age.