Eisai's Challenge of Greater Access to Medicines: Tackling Lymphatic Filariasis (video presentation)

March 27, 2014

Eisai is a signatory to the London Declaration, a joint statement to eliminate neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). In January 2012, the company agreed to provide the World Health Organization (WHO) with 2.2 billion diethylcarbamazine (DEC) tablets at price zero (free of charge) for the treatment and control of lymphatic filariasis. In order to ensure the steady supply of high-quality DEC tablets required, Eisai decided to produce the tablets at its state-of-the-art Vizag Plant in India. The Vizag Plant has been providing DEC tablets to WHO under this agreement since October 2013.

The video presentation below introduces some of the challenges in realizing greater access to medicines as well as top-management perspectives on Eisai's activities to eliminate lymphatic filariasis and the Vizag Plant's first shipment in 2013.

Eisai's activities to eliminate lymphatic filariasis worldwide are now well underway. Over the next seven years, Eisai will work to contribute to greater health and well-being for people in lymphatic filariasis–endemic countries by ensuring a consistent supply of Eisai-brand, high-quality DEC tablets for distribution to some 250 million people living in at-risk communities worldwide.

Watch video (6 min., 22 sec.)


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