Message from the First TDR Fellow at Eisai

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July 12, 2012

-How Dr. Ogunfowokan is applying his acquired knowledge and experience in Nigeria

Dr. Ogunfowokan, the first TDR Fellow at Eisai (2010-2011), has sent a message which we would like to share.

Dr. Ogunfowokan:
“After completing my TDR Fellowship at Eisai in 2011, I am now back in Abuja, Nigeria where I have returned to my clinical practice (the equivalent of a general internal medicine practice in the United States).

As one of the principal investigators for a global clinical research study that another multinational pharmaceutical company is conducting, I have been able to apply directly what I learned at Eisai during my Fellowship. I have also begun working on a protocol for a rapid diagnostic test for tuberculosis that I learned about while a TDR Fellow at Eisai.

I am collaborating with Global Health Clinical Trials ( to hold a clinical trial workshop at my home institution in May 2012, which I hope will attract about 100 clinical research team members from across Nigeria.
Finally, I am organizing all of the present and former TDR Fellows into a research network that can optimally conduct pharmaceutical company clinical trials in developing countries. So I am keeping myself busy!

I am proud to have been Eisai's first TDR Research Fellow, and hope that one day Eisai's products will be marketed in Nigeria and the company will conduct some of its clinical trials in Nigeria.”

(Recent photo of Dr. Ogunfowokan in Nigeria)
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