Remember I Love You: a Project to Improve Understanding of Dementia in China

March 19, 2019

In China, population aging is accelerating rapidly. Although China will be the world’s largest ageing country in the 2030s, when those aged 60 years and older are expected to account for 30% or more of its total population, there is still a lack of understanding of dementia in society. It is estimated that only 21% of patients with dementia underwent a medical examination and only 19.6% of those patients received proper treatment.

Eisai China has been working on a variety of initiatives to raise awareness of dementia and improve consultation rate. These activities as collectively named “Remember I Love You.”
Source: Chinese Journal of Neurology, Volume 46, Issue 1

Educational activities via social media -Yellow Wristband-

As a part of this project, Eisai China has entered into a partnership with the China Population Welfare Foundation, and launched an official account called Yellow Wristband on WeChat, China’s largest social media platform. As yellow wristband is known as a symbol of dementia in China, it was chosen as the account name.

The official Yellow Wristband account is regularly updated with articles on dementia and related disorders, videos on the symptoms of dementia and know-how on caregiving. It also provides information about simple diagnostic tools and a list of the outpatient centers for dementia across China. About 59,000 people have registered with the Yellow Wristband (as of May 2018). Eisai continues to enhance and provide easy-to-understand and useful information, and expand our disease awareness activities to more people.

Yellow Wristband

Disease awareness activities for dementia in a broad-ranging approach

In addition to social media, Eisai has conducted various disease awareness activities regarding dementia through “socialization” with elderly people as well as discussions with doctors and caregivers to understand the needs of the people directly involved. For example, Eisai China has established dementia booths in parks and facilities in communities, held a media seminar with a medical expert on dementia in China and posted a special feature regarding dementia in newspapers and magazines. Through hhc activities, academic exchange meetings and cooperation with nursing care facilities, Eisai China is striving to promote a proper understanding of dementia, and working to build a society where patients with dementia and elderly people can live peacefully.

Provision of Yellow Wristband to patient

A simple diagnosis for dementia

Eisai staff socializing with patients at a nursing home

Impressions from project members of “Remember I Love You”

We provide accurate information on dementia to patients, their family members and the public, and have worked for many years on disease awareness and the promotion of early consultation. We have provided patients with dementia and their family members with approximately 250,000 Yellow Wristbands with the address and contact information of the patient registered as a QR code. In fact, there have been cases where a patient who was lost came home safely thanks to the Yellow Wristband.
Information on memory clinics across China, easy-to-understand facts and know-how regarding the care of patients with dementia are available on the official Yellow Wristband account. Through these activities, we feel that we are contributing to patients and their families, and this boosts our motivation to work.

Major project members of “Remember I Love You”


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