Discontinuation of Utilization, Erasion and Discontinuation of Third-party Provision of Retained Personal Data

If you would like to request discontinuation of utilization, erasion and discontinuation of third-party provision of Retained Personal Data, please fill out the required items of the “Request Form for Discontinuation of Utilizationof Retained Personal Data, etc. ,” attach the designated identity confirmation document, and post to the following address. Eisai will respond upon confirming it is the request of the individual concerned. Any expenses such as postage fees. (In the case of mailing, the minimum postage is 839 yen (84 yen for standard size postal item, 435 yen for registered mail, and 320 yen for delivery certification.)


If you have any questions, please contact us using the Contact Form.


  • 1.

    Identity Confirmation Document

    Please attach one of the following items (a-c). 

    a. Passport (1 copy)

    b. Driver’s License (1 copy)

    c. Any two out of Health Insurance Card, Pension Book, or Certificate of Tax Payment (or Certificate of Tax Exemption) (1 copy each)

    * In order to keep a record of contact from an individual, we do not return the identity confirmation document. We will store it securely.

  • 2.

    Additional document in case of request by authorized agent

    If the person making the request is an authorized agent, please attach one of the following items (d-f) in addition to any of the above items (a-c).

    d. In the case of a legal representative of a juvenile: a transcript of the family register

    e. In the case of a representative of an adult ward: a transcript of the family register and the written ruling

    f. In the case of a voluntary representative: a power of attorney with the registered seal impression and a seal registration certificate

  • 3.

    Address to Send Documentation 


    4-6-10 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

    Eisai Co., Ltd.

    Personal Information Protection General Manager

Request Form for Discontinuation of Utilization of Retained Personal Data, etc.