Provision of Anonymously Processed Information to Third Parties

Pursuant to laws and regulations, Eisai acquires anonymously processed information that has been produced from processing personal information so that the resulting processed information can neither be able to identify a specific individual nor be able to restore the personal information (“Anonymously Processed Information”), and, from time to time in the course of its business, provides such Anonymously Processed Information to third parties.


Eisai explicitly states in advance to the third parties that the information provided is Anonymously Processed Information.


Eisai takes necessary and appropriate action for the security control of Anonymously Processed Information that it has acquired, including preventing leakage of, loss or damage to such information.

The categories of information related to individuals contained in Anonymously Processed Information provided by Eisai to third parties and the methods of provision of such Anonymously Processed Information are as follows: 


1. Categories of Information Related to Individuals Contained in Anonymously Processed Information

Date of birth, gender, information related to a diagnosis (including, without limitation, information related to disease, treatment, examination, and history of admission and discharge of a patient from the hospital)


2. Methods for Providing Anonymously Processed Information

Anonymously Processed Information will be in digital format, protected with a password and provided through any of the methods set forth below:

  • Uploaded to servers;
  • Sent via email; or
  • Provided via external storage media, such as DVDs.