(e-OKUSURI-SAN ended as of September 2020.)

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) has announced that it received an “IT Business Award” for its medication administration support device e-OKUSURI-SAN® at the fiscal 2017 (35th) IT Awards held by the Japan Institute of Information Technology (JiIT).

The IT Awards are given to companies, organizations, other bodies and individuals in recognition of results from notable efforts made in “business innovation through high-level use of IT” by the JiIT, whose designated aim is to promote improvements in productivity in the activities of Japanese industry and government bodies as well as implementation of effective management systems. The “IT Business Award” received by Eisai was awarded based on the verification of notable results in realizing a strategic advantage as well as contributing to management via expansion and creation of business through the effective implementation and use of IT in business activities.

e-OKUSURI-SAN supports treatment administration for patients, families, pharmacists, nurses and caregivers, by ensuring that the prescribed dosage of medicine is administered at the scheduled time, thus helping to prevent patients from forgetting to take medicine or overdosing. The device is also equipped with a function to support looking after patients by allowing those concerned, including family and pharmacists, to remotely confirm a patient’s record of medicine administration via an exclusive cloud website system.

In the demonstration experiments conducted ahead of the launch of e-OKUSURI-SAN as well as hearings post-launch, various benefits were observed, including an increase in administration rates, contribution to prevention of overdosing, a reduction in the burden on families, pharmacists, nurses and caregivers to support patients, and an enhancement in interprofessional collaboration through the provision of administration information.

Front of e-OKUSURI-SAN
Front of e-OKUSURI-SAN

In the selection for this award, the results of the new value provided by e-OKUSURI-SAN to home care patients as well as families and medical and nursing care professionals supporting the rehabilitation activities of patients were assessed, and selected for the “IT Business Award.”

Eisai has been engaged for many years in activities for “creating communities where people can live with peace of mind.” In carrying out these activities, Eisai has identified real world needs and issues. By providing solutions to these needs and issues in cooperation with stakeholders including local governments, medical institutions and pharmacies, Eisai seeks to make continued contributions to address the diverse needs of, as well as increasing the benefits provided to, patients and their families.

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Up to four doses can be scheduled per day (morning, middle of the day, night, before bed), with a week's worth of medicine able to be set in the device. At the scheduled time, a tray with a medicine case slides out, with simultaneous audio and visual prompts. If the case has not been taken from the tray, the snooze function can be used to replay the audio prompts. If 40 minutes have passed without the medicine case being taken from the tray, the medicine case will be automatically retracted into the device. As a general rule, medicine cases cannot be retrieved until the next scheduled administration time to prevent patients from overdosing.
Information on medicine administration is encrypted and managed individually on an exclusive website on the cloud. It is possible to have an email sent to registered individuals such as family members or pharmacists whenever a medicine case has been taken or if a medicine case was retracted without being taken. Monthly data can be viewed as a line graph or table, making it easy to see if a patient is regularly following administration times or not.
Eisai Co., Ltd. markets e-OKUSURI-SAN in Japan mainly through pharmacies, medical institutions and care facilities.

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    e-OKUSURI-SAN is not a medical device.

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