(e-OKUSURI-SAN ended as of September 2020.)

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) has announced that the medication administration support device e-OKUSURI-SAN® will be launched today for sale to pharmacies, medical institutions and caregiving facilities in Japan. This device supports treatment administration for patients, families, pharmacists, nurses and caregivers, by ensuring that the prescribed dosage of medicine is administered at the scheduled time, thus helping to prevent patients from forgetting to take medicine or overdosing. The device is also equipped with a function to support looking after patients by allowing those concerned, including family and pharmacists, to remotely confirm a patient's record of medicine administration via an exclusive cloud website system.

A week's worth of medicine cases can be set in e-OKUSURI-SAN, with up to four doses scheduled for each day (morning, middle of the day, night and before bed). At the scheduled time, a medicine case slides out, along with audio and visual prompts reminding the patient to take the medicine. The device comes with four different voices to choose from, as well as the option to record a custom voice such as a grandchild's. If the medicine case is not taken, in addition to a snooze function to replay the audio prompt, the medicine case will be retracted after 40 minutes. As a general rule, the medicine case cannot be retrieved until the next scheduled administration time, to prevent patients from overdosing.

e-OKUSURI-SAN, front image
e-OKUSURI-SAN, front image

As a function to support looking after patients, e-OKUSURI-SAN can send an email to family members, pharmacists, nurses or caregivers when medicines are administered. Medication administration history is stored for up to a year on an exclusive website on the cloud, with an option to view monthly line graphs or tables based on the data. This allows those concerned, including family and pharmacists, to notice any breakdowns in lifestyle patterns, even from a remote location.

Ahead of the launch, approximately 100 pharmacies, medical institutions and care facilities throughout the country cooperated to conduct a demonstration study using test units for home treatment and at facilities. As a result, various observations were made, including an increase in administration rates, supporting prevention of overdosing, and a reduction in the burden on families, pharmacists and caregivers to support patients. Furthermore, there were cases of patients being able to maintain an appropriate lifestyle routine by using the device, as well as cases of families noticing a breakdown in lifestyle rhythm through the support functions, which lead to visits to medical institutions.

Through the provision of various solutions that leverage assets built up through community building activities as well as cooperation with stakeholders including medical institutions, pharmacies and care facilities, Eisai seeks to make continued contributions to address the diverse needs of, as well as increasing the benefits provided to, patients and their families.

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e-OKUSURI-SAN (parts)

Retail price: 85,000 yen (excluding tax)
Unit size: Width 402 mm, depth 177 mm, height 320 mm
Unit weight: 3.5 kg (device and medicine cases)
Power (Japan): AC 100V, 50/60 Hz
Included accessories:

Medicine case x 30, Front cover key x 2,
Medicine case stickers,
(morning, middle of the day, night, before bed)
Instruction manual,
Startup guide (cloud registration)

  • 1)

    Using the timer function, a medicine case automatically slides out, with an audio prompt made in a selected voice
    Up to four doses can be scheduled per day (morning, middle of the day, night, before bed), with a week's worth of medicine set in cases large enough for multiple medicines packaged together (7 cm x 9 cm). The medicine cases are partly transparent so that the contents can be checked from the outside.
    At the scheduled time, a tray with a medicine case slides out, with simultaneous audio and visual prompts. The device comes with four different voices to choose from, as well as the option to record a custom voice such as a grandchild's. Once the medicine case is taken, the tray retracts into the device.
    If the case has not been taken from the tray despite a notification being made, the snooze function can be used to replay the audio prompts every 5 minutes.

  • 2)

    Tray retracts as a mechanism to prevent patients from overdosing
    If 40 minutes have passed without the medicine case being taken from the tray, the medicine case will be automatically retracted into the device. As a general rule, medicine cases cannot be retrieved until the next scheduled administration time to prevent patients from overdosing.
    Furthermore, the time interval between periods of medicine administration can be preset from 1 to 6 hours, helping to ensure that the minimum amount of time required between doses has elapsed.
    However, if the “forgot to take medicine” button on the control panel is pressed and it is additionally confirmed that medicine is being administered outside of the scheduled time, a medicine case can be retrieved. This function can be used, for example, for retrieving medicine that the patient has forgotten to take, or for removing the afternoon medicine case to take with when the patient goes to a day care service.

  • 3)

    Front cover comes with a lock and key to prevent tampering
    After a week's worth of medicine cases have been set, the front cover of the device is locked in place. This is to prevent tampering or taking out the cases by accident.

  • 4)

    Administration of medicine cases can be checked from a remote location
    It is possible to have an email sent to registered individuals such as family members or pharmacists whenever a medicine case has been taken. Up to five email addresses can be registered. The timing (for example each time a medicine case is taken or if a medicine case was not taken, both are possible) and content of this notification can be adjusted freely.
    This information is encrypted and is available on an exclusive website for each e-OKUSURI-SAN device. By logging onto the website, the device administrator can change various settings, such as the timing of email notifications.

  • 5)

    A year's worth of administration history saved, displayable as monthly data graphs
    Up to a year's worth of medication administration history is encrypted and stored on an exclusive website on the cloud. Monthly data can be viewed as a graph or table and printed as well. By viewing the graph, it is easy to see if a patient is regularly following administration times or not. It is possible for registered users to log onto the website and confirm medication administration history.

  • 6)

    Display of messages
    Registered users can log onto the e-OKUSURI-SAN website, and send messages of up to 20 characters in length, which will be displayed as text on the control panel of the e-OKUSURI-SAN device. It can be used for communication with the patient, including messages encouraging administration and notifications of home visits.

2.About e-OKUSURI-SAN internet connection

e-OKUSURI-SAN's support functions for looking after patients require an active internet connection. For internet connection via LAN cable, a USB connected LAN adapter (sold separately) can be used. For wireless networks such Wi-Fi, a wireless LAN kit (sold separately) can be used. For those with no internet connection, an e-OKUSURI-SAN dedicated transmission kit (sold separately) can be plugged into the USB port to use the support features.

  • *
    e-OKUSURI-SAN is not a medical device.

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