Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) has announced today that, in order to further promote transparency in clinical trial data disclosure, it has determined its policy on clinical trial data disclosure and is making clinical trial data publicly available to researchers via an external website (www.clinicalstudydatarequest.com).

By making clinical trial related information and results more widely available, Eisai believes that this will lead to the advancement of science and medicine, and contribute to the improvement of public health. Under this belief, Eisai has determined its “Policy on Clinical Trial Data Access and the Disclosure of Clinical Trial Information” which is published on the Eisai corporate website. This policy outlines Eisai's direction, regarding clinical trial registration, disclosure and publication of clinical trial results, as well as access to clinical trial data for researchers.

The external website that Eisai uses to disclose clinical trial data was established to enable researchers to utilize clinical trial data in their research, which will hopefully lead to the advancement of science and medicine such as the development of more effective methods of treatment. After researchers have submitted a request through the website, it is then reviewed by an independent review panel which Eisai has no influence upon. If the request for data is approved, Eisai will then provide the researchers with rights to access the anonymized clinical trial data. Data will be shared for clinical trials for products submitted and approved after January 1, 2014, in Europe and the United States.

Eisai's corporate philosophy is to give first thought to patients and their families and increase the benefits that health care provides. Based on this “human health care (hhc)” philosophy, Eisai strives to improve access to clinical trial related information and results to contribute to the advancement of science and medicine.

For further details, please visit the following webpage:
http://www.eisai.com/research/clinical/policy.html(New Window)

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