Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) announced today that its Chinese subsidiary, Eisai China Inc. (ECI) has decided to build a new oral solid dose (OSD) production facility at the site of its new Suzhou plant (“New Plant”) located within the Suzhou Industrial Park in order to relocate and expand its existing OSD production facility (“Old Plant”) within the same industrial park.

ECI has been producing OSD products such as Methycobal, Aricept and Pariet for the Chinese market at the Old Plant. However, in expectation of increased demand for Eisai products in the growing Chinese pharmaceutical market, it has become necessary to establish a new plant that will enable future capacity expansion aimed at strengthening the stable supply chain and improving production efficiency. Given this situation, ECI secured a new lot of land in 2010 within the same industrial park for the New Plant which is more than five times larger than the Old Plant, and in November 2014, a parenteral facility for the local production of injection products was established at this site as the New Plant.

This decision for construction at the New Plant following the completion of the parenteral facility concerns the establishment of a new OSD production facility and an administration building. Expected to stand three floors aboveground and containing floor space of approximately 20,900 m2, the new OSD facility will handle the manufacturing and packaging of oral solid dose products for the domestic Chinese market. Construction is scheduled to begin in first half of fiscal 2016 and finish during the second half of fiscal 2017, with operations to commence in the second half of fiscal 2018. Once operations have commenced at the new OSD facility, the Old Plant will be closed down.

Eisai regards its business operations in China as one of its core businesses after Japan and the United States. Strengthening its in-house production system in China through the establishment of the New Plant, Eisai seeks to make further contributions to patients by ensuring the stable supply of high-quality products within China.

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1. Outline of New Suzhou Plant

Location: 168 Xingpu Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Site area: Approximately 134,000 m2

  • (A)
    New Oral Solid Dose Production Facility (Scheduled for construction)
    • Floor space: Approximately 20,900 m2 / Three floors
    • Main functions: Manufacturing, packaging, storage, etc.
    • Scheduled for production: Methycobal, Aricept, Pariet and other products
  • (B)
    Parenteral Production Facility (Construction complete)
    • Floor space: Approximately 5,690 m2 / Two floors
    • Scheduled for production: Methycobal injection
  • (C)
    New Administration Building (Scheduled for construction)
    • Floor space: Approximately 2,280 m2 / Two floors
    • Main facilities: Offices, meeting rooms, cafeteria, etc.
  • (D)
    Distribution Warehouse (Previously established)
  • *
    Parenteral production facility floor space has been revised (January 2018).
「Artist's rendition of the new OSD facility and administration building at the new Suzhou Plant」
Artist's rendition of the new OSD facility and administration building at the new Suzhou Plant