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Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Representative Corporate Officer and CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) and its diagnostics subsidiary EIDIA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Atsushi Saito, “EIDIA”) announced today that EIDIA will launch Panassay® IV-C [Latex], a measurement reagent kit for in-vitro diagnostic use, in Japan on July 2, 2014. The reagent kit is used for determining human type IV collagen in serum.

Panassay IV-C [Latex] had been marketed since January 2003 by Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Hideo Tagashira), which has granted an exclusive marketing license of the product to EIDIA. As such, the products will now be marketed by EIDIA, and Eisai will assist with co-promotional activities under agreement with EIDIA.

In liver fibrosis, basement membrane forms in the perisinusoidal space and the amount of type IV collagen (a major element in the bloodstream) increases as the condition progresses. Measurement of type IV collagen in serum is used to assist in assessing the level of progression of hepatic fibrosis as well as diagnosing cirrhosis, deciding a treatment regimen for Hepatitis C and predicting the risk of carcinogenesis.

By introducing the value of Panassay IV-C [Latex] to a wider audience through this co-promotion initiative, Eisai and EIDIA aim to contribute further to increasing the benefits for patients with chronic liver disease and their families.

[Please refer to the following notes for a product outline and a product photograph.]

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Product Outline

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Product name Panassay® IV-C [Latex] (for in-vitro diagnostic use)
Indication for use Determination of human type IV collagen in serum
Packaging As follows
Manufacturer Daiichi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Distributed by Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.
Marketed by EIDIA Co., Ltd.

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1. C Set (Basic diagnostic package, contains the immunoassay reagents and IV-C Standard)

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•Reagents – Buffer solution (R1) 40mL×1 (buffer solution containing bovine serum albumin)
– Latex suspension (R2) 13mL×1 (mouse anti-human IV-C antibody coated Latex)
– IV-C Standard 1mL×4 conc. (human type IV collagen)
•Recommended Price 193,000 yen

2. Pack (Bulk package that only includes the immunoassay reagents)

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•Reagents – Buffer solution (R1) 50mL×4
– Latex suspension (R2) 35mL×2
•Recommended Price (No fixed price)

3. IV-C Standard (For use with Pack reagents)

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  1mL×4 conc.
•Recommended Price 10,000 yen

4. IV-C sample dilution solution (For use when retesting diluted samples. Sample dilution solution by itself is not a pharmaceutical product)

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•Recommended Price 5,000 yen

Product Photograph

From left to right:“C Set” package including all reagents (Standard IV-C, Latex solution, Buffer suspension), “Standard IV-C” package, “Pack” package.