(Production of CRYSTAL VEIL®α ended as of May 2014.)

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President & CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) announced today that it will launch Crystal Veil® α (classified as miscellaneous goods), a drug-free topical nasal gel that utilizes positively charged ions to help block viruses from entering the body through the nose, on Tuesday, September 18.

Crystal Veil α is a positively-charged gel that helps prevent virus particles, which are even smaller than pollen, from entering through the nose. It is the third product in the Crystal Veil series, which currently comprises Crystal Veil (launched in October 2009), a drug-free positively charged allergen screen topical gel that protects against pollen and house dust, and Crystal Veil Cool (launched in November 2010), a cooling version of Crystal Veil that contains menthol.

Crystal Veil α can be used as a preventative measure against viruses by simply applying a single drop of gel the size of a sesame seed around the nostrils. It is a product whereby the principal ingredient, positively charged water-soluble polymer, imparts an invisible filter-like screen of positively charged ions to effectively block airborne viruses from entering the nasal passages. The product’s adhesive strength also blocks viruses that have accumulated on the outside of the nose from entering the nasal passages.

Although face masks are a popular means of preventing viruses in Japan, some people find them difficult to breathe through or are hesitant to wear them in the workplace or over makeup due the likelihood of it rubbing off. Crystal Veil α is readily applied with the fingertips, and can be used anytime and anywhere as an easy way to prevent viruses from entering through the nose.

Eisai remains committed to ensuring the delivery of products that address the diversified needs of consumers and to making further contributions to increase the benefits provided to them.

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    This product does not completely prevent viruses from entering the body. In order to prevent viruses, it is necessary to take other measures such as washing your hands or gargling in addition to using this product.

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1. Product Name: Crystal Veil® α (Miscellaneous goods)

2. Ingredients: Positively-charged water soluble polymer, menthol, etc.
※Contains some wheat-derived ingredients.

3. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (tax inclusive):
  3g tube1,980yen

4. Manufactured by: Trutek Corp. (United States)

5. Imported by: Nitto Pharmaceutical Industries

6. Marketed by: Eisai Co., Ltd.

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