Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President & CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) announced today the establishment of a new pharmaceutical sales subsidiary in Brazil, which will be named Eisai Participações Ltda. (Eisai Brazil). As a direct subsidiary of the company's U.S. pharmaceutical operation Eisai Inc., Eisai Brazil will be based in San Paulo, the largest city in the country.

The establishment of Eisai Brazil marks Eisai's entry into Latin America. Ranked as the third largest pharmaceutical market in the Americas, behind the United States and Canada, and the tenth largest in the world1), 2), Brazil is a market that has huge growth potential. This expansion will enable Eisai to introduce many of its products to people in Brazil.

Eisai Brazil's immediate focus will be on establishing strategies and initial infrastructure to support its operations debut into the Brazilian market. In this era of great globalization, Eisai seeks to establish a presence in each of the world's top twenty largest pharmaceutical markets to address the unmet medical needs that exist in both mature and emerging markets alike, thereby increasing the benefits provided to an even greater number of patients and their families.

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Company Name: Eisai Participações Ltda.
Location: San Paulo, Brazil
Representatives: Ramon Fernandez Aracil Filho, Maria Antonia Mourão Campos and Deidvan Rodriguez Souza
Scope of Business: Marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical products
Capital: 100 real
Date of Establishment: April 6, 2011 (local time)

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