Pfizer and Eisai Launch New Website “”First General Public-Oriented Portal Site Dedicated to Neural Pain

Pfizer Japan Inc.
Eisai Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan, December 1, 2010 - Pfizer Japan Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo; President: Ichiro Umeda; “Pfizer”) and Eisai Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo; President: Haruo Naito; “Eisai”) today launched “” (, a portal site that provides easy-to-understand information on the causes and treatment of pain (toutsu). The new site has been launched in connection to Lyrica® Capsules (generic name: pregabalin), a drug the two companies are co-promoting for the treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain.

In addition to offering simple explanations about the types, causes and treatment of pain, “” also provides focused information about neural pain (neuropathic pain). It is the first-ever portal site to comprehensively introduce the general public to conditions such as pain and numbness associated with postherpetic neuralgia and diabetic neuropathy. By providing information on “”, the two companies hope that patients and their families will deepen their understanding of neural pain, from which they have been unable to obtain adequate relief, and take appropriate measures such as early consultation and discussion with their doctors.
New “Pain” portal site offers easy-to-understand information on the causes and treatment of pain.

--Outline of “”--
Towards the Relief of Persistent Neural Pain

(Editor in Chief: Dr. Setsuro Ogawa, Professor in Anesthesia,
Nippon University School of Medicine)

■Website Features:

(1)What is Pain?

There are various types of pain.
“Pain” we experience in our daily lives can be classified into various types such as pain we feel when we cut our hand or hit our foot or pain caused by neural damage. This section introduces pathogenic mechanisms and types of pain as well as methods for evaluating pain.

(2)What is Neural Pain?

The pain a person is experiencing may be a type of pain known as “neural pain.”
In this section, patients and families can learn more about the causes, types and treatment of neural pain (neuropathic pain). Visitors to the site can also take the “self-check” questionnaire to see whether or not they have any possible signs of neuropathic pain.

(3)Pain Treatment

Pain treatment methods vary depending on the pathogenic mechanism. Pain can be treated in a number of ways due to the various causes of pain and because pathogenic mechanisms of pain are not monolithic. This section outlines the kinds of treatment options that are available to treat neuropathic pain and other types of pain.

(4)Pain Q&A

Questions and concerns that patients and families may have about pain are addressed in this section.

(5)Pain Topics

This column features short articles related to pain.
Useful bits of knowledge and information on pain will be posted on a monthly basis.

(6)Patient Stories(Currently being prepared for posting)

“Pain” impacts peoples’ lives in various ways. Some patients may suffer from sleeplessness while other will be unable to work. This section will showcase patients who are leading enjoyable lifestyles while successfully managing neural pain.

Pfizer received marketing approval for Lyrica® Capsules in April 2010, and subsequently launched the product for the treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain the following June. Pfizer and Eisai are co-promoting the drug and are working together to provide information to ensure its proper use.

The two companies are committed to making continuous efforts to raise public awareness of pain and peripheral neuropathic pain through “”.

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