Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President & CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) announced today the establishment and commencement of operations of Eisai Limited (Location: Ontario), the Company's new pharmaceutical sales subsidiary in Canada. Eisai Limited is the Canadian subsidiary of Eisai Inc., the Company's U.S. subsidiary.

Eisai Limited was established following a change in registration of the Canadian branch of MGI Pharma, previously acquired by Eisai. The new subsidiary will serve as Eisai's pharmaceutical sales base for the entire Canadian market.

Eisai Limited plans to register and commercialize select products from the Company's U.S. product portfolio, beginning with Gliadel® Wafer. Over time, additional oncology and neurology products may be introduced to the Canadian market, including T-cell lymphoma agent Targretin®, antiepileptic agent Banzel, and future products from Eisai's pipeline, such as anticancer agent Eribulin (generic name) and AMPA receptor antagonist Perampanel (generic name).

By expanding its sales capabilities in Canada, the ninth largest pharmaceutical market in the world, Eisai aims to strengthen its business operations and presence in the region and independently market its products in accordance with local market needs. The establishment of Eisai Limited not only means that Eisai now has a pharmaceutical sales subsidiary in Canada, it will also allow the Company to prepare for future expansion based on the Company's hhc philosophy in both the United States and Canada.

By establishing Eisai Limited, Eisai will make contributions to addressing the diversified needs of Canadian patients and their families through the stable supply of high quality drug products and provision of information.

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Corporate Name : Eisai Limited
Location : Ontario, Canada
President : Takihiro Hirasawa
Scope of Business : Sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products
Paid-in Capital : 10 million Canadian dollars
Date of Establishment : April 1, 2010 (Local Time)
Date of Operation Commencement : May 1, 2010 (Local Time)