Eisai Introduces Travelmin® Churop Lemon FlavorA New Flavor of its Drop-type Motion Sickness Remedy

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President and CEO: Haruo Naito) announced today that the Company will launch Travelmin® Churop Lemon Flavor (class 2 pharmaceutical product), a remedy for motion sickness, on Monday, March 8.

Travelmin® Churop Lemon Flavor is a new flavor variation of Travelmin® Churop Grape Flavor, which was launched in February 2009 as a drop-type motion sickness remedy that is easy for both adults and children to take. The product's active ingredients, comprising an antihistaminic (d-chlorpheniramine maleate) and an anticholinergic (scopolamine hydrobromide hydrate), act to prevent and alleviate dizziness, nausea and other symptoms associated with motion sickness. Provided as a drop-type product, the remedy can be taken without water, which makes it easy to take for children and adults who are reluctant to take existing motion sickness remedies.

The new Travelmin® Churop Lemon Flavor has been added to Travelmin® series product lineup based on the findings of a survey conducted after the launch of Travelmin® Churop Grape Flavor. The survey revealed that although the sweet-tasting grape flavor was liked by majority, many children, in particular those aged 11 and older, would prefer a more refreshing lemon flavor.

In addition to Travelmin®, which was introduced in 1952, Eisai has launched a variety of over-the-counter motion sickness remedies onto the market, such as Travelmin® Junior, Travelmin® Family, Travelmin® R, Travelmin® Liquid, and Travelmin® Churop Grape Flavor. With the introduction of Travelmin® Churop Lemon Flavor, the Company will further enhance the Travelmin® series product lineup to continue to support the wider public so as they can enjoy their pleasant trips and leisure time.

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Eisai Co., Ltd.

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Product Information

  • 1)
    Product Name:
    Travelmin® Churop Lemon Flavor (class 2 pharmaceutical product)
  • 2)
    • Active Ingredients:
      Per single dose (two tablets) for patients 11 years and older
      • 1.33 mg   d-chlorpheniramine maleate
      • 0.166 mg scopolamine hydrobromide hydrate
    • Inactive Ingredients:
      Citric acid, l-menthol, flavoring, acesulfame potassium, palatinit, glycerin esters of fatty acid, vitamin B 2
  • 3)
    Prevention and alleviation of dizziness, nausea and headaches associated with motion sickness.
  • 4)
    Dosage and Administration:
    For prevention of motion sickness, chew or dissolve in the mouth the following dosage 30 minutes before travel:
    • Adults (15 years and older), children between 11 and 14 years old: two tablets per dose
    • Children between 5 and 10 years old: one tablet per dose
    • Children 4 years and below should not take this product.
    • When taking an additional dosage, leave at least four hours between doses.
    • Do not exceed more than two doses in one day.
  • 5)
    Suggested Retail Price (tax inclusive):
    Per six tablets (three sachets each containing two tablets) 498 yen
  • 6)
    Manufactured and Marketed by:Takaichi Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 7)
    Distributed by: Eisai Co., Ltd.

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Travelmin(R) Churop Lemon Flavor