Eisai Launches “Crystal Veil”- an Allergen Screen Topical GelPositively charged gel makes an invisible filter-like screen that provides drug-free protection against airborne allergens such as pollen and house dust

(Production of Crystal Veil ended as of June 2017.)

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President and CEO: Haruo Naito) announced today that it will launch “Crystal Veil”, an allergen screen topical gel on Tuesday, October 20. This drug-free topical gel prevents airborne allergens such as pollen and house dust from entering the nasal passages by utilising positively charged ion.

“Crystal Veil” is a “topical mask” that can be used as a preventative measure against airborne allergens such as pollen and house dust by simply applying a single drop around the nostrils. It is a new concept product whereby the principal ingredient, positively charged water-soluble polymer, imparts an invisible filter with positively charged ions which blocks pollen, house dust and other airborne allergens from entering the nasal passages.

Whereas masks are very popular items for allergy prevention in Japan, many people find it difficult to breathe through them or hesitate to wear them over makeup or at workplace. As “Crystal Veil” is easily applied with fingers, it can be used any time and anywhere, and can even be worn over makeup. It is also drug-free and therefore can be used for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and those who drive vehicles.

Eisai currently markets “HIGUARD®” and the “Skainar Series” as over-the-counter drugs for the alleviation of allergic symptoms such as sinus infections. By providing “Crystal Veil” as a new option for protection against pollen and house dust, Eisai hopes to meet the diverse needs of consumers and make further contributions to improving their benefits.

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Product Information

  • Product Name: Crystal Veil
  • Principal ingredient: Positively charged water-soluble polymer
  • MSRP (tax inclusive): 3g Tube 1,480 yen
  • Manufacturer: Trutek Corp. (United States)
  • Importer: Nitto Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.
  • Marketed by: Eisai Co., Ltd.

Product Image

Crystal Veil Product Image