Eisai Opens Regional Office in Bahrain

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President and CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) announced today the opening of a regional office in Bahrain (Location: AL-SEEF, Bahrain, Director: Yasushi Okada, “Bahrain Regional Office”). The new office has been established as a branch of its Asian headquarters Eisai Asia Regional Services Pte. Ltd. (Headquarters: Singapore, Managing Director: Yasushi Okada).

Eisai started doing business with the Middle East in the 1960’s. It has since focused on the sale of products imported from Japan and up until now has been using local distributors to deliver these in-house developed pharmaceuticals and other products to patients.

This year Eisai launched Methycobal®, a treatment for peripheral neuropathy, in Saudi Arabia, the biggest market in the Middle East, and the United Arab Emirates, and from next year it also hopes to receive approval to market other new products. With this in mind, Eisai has been moving forward with preparations for the opening of the Bahrain Regional Office in order to establish an operational base in the area, as it looks towards full-scale business expansion in the Middle East and North Africa in the future. Eisai will commence operations in the region primarily through working with local distributors, while taking responsibility for marketing and registration of pharmaceutical products.

The Middle East and North Africa has a population of over 400 million, and is currently faced with an increase in lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes as well as an aging society. Above all, diabetes is one of the issues affecting the region as it has the highest prevalence rate in the world. Eisai expects to make contributions to patients with diabetic neuropathy in the region through the availability of Methycobal®.

Eisai currently operates globally in the United States, Europe and Asia. The Company sees the opening of the Bahrain Regional Office as an opportunity to make its in-house products available continuously as well as to actively introduce licensed products, which match the needs of the Middle East and North Africa, thereby contributing to addressing the needs and increasing the benefits of patients and their families in the region.

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Registered Company Name: Eisai Asia Regional Services Pte. Ltd.
Dated Established: June 2009
Location: AL-SEEF, Kingdom of Bahrain
Director: Yasushi Okada
Scope of Business: Marketing and registration of pharmaceutical products


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