Transfer of Subsidiary Stock

Listed Stock Name:Eisai Co., Ltd.
President & CEO:Haruo Naito
Headquarters:4-6-10 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Securities Code:4523
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Transfer of Subsidiary Stock

Eisai Co., Ltd. (President: Haruo Naito, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) today entered into the share transfer agreement with Terumo Corporation (President: Akira Takahashi, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) for the transfer of our interest in our consolidated subsidiary, Clinical Supply Co., Ltd. (President: Muneyuki Naka, Head Office: Gifu, Japan), (84.8% of total shares issued) to Terumo Corporation.

1. The Reasons for Share Transfer

Clinical Supply Co., Ltd., a medical device manufacturer, was established in 1968 as our subsidiary. As a member of Eisai Group, Clinical Supply, under its philosophy of “delivery of human-friendly medical devices”, has been developing its business in medical devices in an integrated manner from the in-house R&D to manufacturing and sales. Their catheter products, for example, are known as an established brand in medical device market.

Amid the rapid advancement of medical technologies, we have determined that Clinical Supply needs to pursue synergy through strategic alliance with a strong partner in medical devices in order to follow the cutting edge technologies and to provide further innovative products. We have therefore decided to transfer to Terumo Corporation all the shares we hold in Clinical Supply Co., Ltd. as this transaction would also fit our strategy of selection and concentration on the mainstay pharmaceutical business to improve the efficiency of our management resources.

2. Outline of the Subsidiary to be transferred

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(1) Trade Name: Clinical Supply Co., Ltd.
(2) Representative: Muneyuki Naka, President & Representative Director
(3) Address: 3, Kawashima Takehaya-cho, Kakamigahara-shi, Gifu, Japan
(4) Date Established: November 21, 1968
(5) Major Business: Research, development, manufacturing and sale of medical devices
(6) Fiscal Year End: March
(7) Number of Employees: 215 (as of April 1, 2008)
(8) Major Facility: Head Office in Kakamigahara-shi, Gifu
(9) Capital: 80 million yen
(10) Total Number of Shares Issued: 160,000 shares
(11) Financial Results of Fiscal Year ended March 2007
Sales 2,937 million yen
Total Assets 2,806 million yen
Net Assets 1,661 million yen

3. Outline of the Purchaser

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(1) Trade Name: Terumo Corporation
(2) Representative: Akira Takahashi, President & Representative Director
(3) Address: 44-1, 2-chome, Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, Japan
(4) Major Business: Manufacturing and sale of medical devices and pharmaceuticals
(5) Relationship with Eisai Co., Ltd.: No specific relationship

4. Change in Eisai's Shareholding

(1) Number of shares held prior to the transfer:

135,680 shares (shareholding ratio 84.8%)

(2) Number of shares to be transferred:


(3) Number of shares held after the transfer:

0 (shareholding ratio 0%)

5. Schedule of Share Transfer

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June 19, 2008 Execution of the share transfer agreement
June 30, 2008 (planned) Transfer of shares

6. Business Outlook

The impact that this transaction gives on our consolidated financial performance will remain minor.