Eisai Introduces “Chocola BB® Royal 2” Vitamin B2 Drink for Extreme FatigueA New Drink with Amino Acids and Reduced Calories

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo; President & CEO: Haruo Naito) announced today that it will release “Chocola BB® Royal 2,” a new 50 mL vitamin B2 drink, on Monday, May 12.

“Chocola BB® Royal 2” is the latest product in Eisai's Chocola® BB drink series, the company's core nutritional drink brand, which contains a vitamin B complex to support the “TCA cycle” (an energy production system in the human body). “Chocola BB® Royal 2,” an improved formula of “Chocola BB® Royal,” which was originally introduced in 2001, was developed with a focus on reducing extreme fatigue for women.

The new formula of “Chocola BB® Royal 2” contains vitamin B2, which facilitates the action of the “TCA cycle,” while adding amino acids (L-arginine hydrochloride and L-lysine hydrochloride) to promote fat metabolism, which reduces symptoms of fatigue. In addition, the calories of the new drink have been cut down to 7.3 kcal per bottle with the same nutritional function and flavor maintained.

Since the launch of “Chocola BB® Fresh” in 2000, Eisai has steadily expanded the Chocola® BB drink series with “Chocola BB® Royal,” “Chocola® FE Care,” and “Chocola BB® Light 2.” Among these, “Chocola BB® Royal,” which includes royal jelly, taurine, and eucommia extract as well as a vitamin B complex, is designed as the product best suited for fatigue.
“Chocola BB® Royal 2” even further enhances this profile.

In addition to the above quasi-drug products, Eisai introduced “Chocola BB® Drink Ⅱ” in 2004 as an over-the-counter drug effective against skin roughness and acne.

Through enhancement of Chocola® BB drink series, Eisai continues to deliver on its commitment to supplying high quality products that address consumer needs and developing market for nutritional drink for women.

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Eisai Co., Ltd.


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Product Information

  • Product Name: “Chocola BB® Royal 2” (quasi-drug)

  • Active Ingredients :

    15 mg vitamin B2 sodium phosphate
    10 mg vitamin B6
    10 mg vitamin B1 nitrate
    300 mg royal jelly tincture (equivalent to 300 mg royal jelly)
    1000 mg taurine
    50 mg aminoacetic acid
    100 mg L-arginine hydrochloride
    100 mg L-lysine hydrochloride
    0.06 mL eucommia ulmoides extract (equivalent to 60 mg eucommia leaf)
    40 mg nicotinamide
    50 mg caffeine monohydrate
    (Less than 0.49 mL alcohol)

  • Inactive Ingredients :
    Sodium benzoate; ethylvanillin; fructose; citric acid; sodium citrate; glycerin; vanillin; ethylparaben; propylene glycol; flavoring; acesulfame K; DL-alanine; erythritol; sucralose; propyl gallate; DL-malic acid

  • Indication :
    • Nutritional supplement for physical fatigue, during and after illness, loss of appetite, malnutrition, diseases with fever and exhaustion, and during pregnancy and lactation.
    • Physical revitalization
    • Bolsters weak constitution
  • Dosage and administration : Adults (15 years and older): 1 bottle (50 mL) daily.

  • Suggested Retail Price (including tax) : 300 yen per bottle

  • Manufacturer : Daiichi Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • Distribution/Sales : Eisai Co., Ltd.

Product Image

Chocola BB(R) Royal 2