Position and Policy Regarding Reduction in the Trading Unit of the Company's Shares

Listed Company Name: Eisai Co., Ltd.
Representative: Haruo Naito
Representative Corporate
Officer and CEO
Securities Code: 4523
Stock Exchange Listing: First Section of the
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Inquiries: Sayoko Sasaki 
Vice President, Chief IR Officer &
Stakeholder Communications 
Phone +81-3-3817-5120


  1. 1. Position Regarding Reduction in Trading Unit

Eisai Co., Ltd. (the Company) understands that a reduction in the trading unit of the Company’s shares is an effective way to promote liquidity in the equity market by encouraging a wider range of investors to participate in trading the Company’s shares.


  1. 2. Policy Regarding Reduction in Trading Unit

Regarding a potential reduction in the trading unit, the Company will continue to comprehensively monitor a number of factors including the trends in its share price and number of shareholders, the liquidity of the Company’s shares as well as the costs and benefits, and carefully consider whether a reduction in trading unit is necessary or not, as well as the appropriate timing for reduction if warranted.