The effect of SEI-I* evokes the joy of eating
EISAI TO LAUNCH NEW SELBELLE® PREMIUM TABLETS AND NEW SELBELLE® PREMIUM FINE GRANULESThe first OTC product containing the same amount of stomach-protecting teprenone as for medical purposes

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) announced today that it has launched New Selbelle® Premium Tablets and New Selbelle® Premium Fine Granules (both are category-2 OTC drug, “New Selbelle Premium”) on May 18, 2020 at pharmacies and drugstores throughout Japan, as a new addition to the Selbelle brand lineup of products which protect and condition the weakened stomach with a gastric mucus barrier.


SEI-I*, which is the value offered by the Selbelle brand, is Eisai's unique concept of increasing gastric mucus to protect the stomach wall while revitalizing the stomach to improve its condition. Stomach ailments, such as indigestion unrelated to overeating and stomach discomfort, prevent the enjoyment of eating on a routine basis. These ailments are thought to be caused by a decrease of mucus in the stomach and stagnation of stomach function that occur with aging.


For the first time in an OTC product, the in-house developed gastric mucus-increasing component ‘teprenone’ is contained in New Selbelle Premium at the same amount as found in prescription drugs. ‘Teprenone’ is the active ingredient of the prescription drug Selbex® discovered by Eisai. Since its launch in 1984 as a gastritis/gastric ulcer treatment, Selbex has contributed to many patients within Japan and in other Asian countries. The compounding amount of ‘teprenone’ was increased to 150mg / day for New Selbelle Premium from 112.5 mg / day for the conventional product. In addition, New Selbelle Premium contains two natural extracts that revitalize stomach functions and digestive enzymes that help to digest fat. The effect of SEI-I derived from these ingredients relieves stomach discomfort and restores the joy of eating by energizing the stomach.


As we enter the era of 100 years of life, Eisai considers it very important for all consumers to be able to enjoy their food every day in order to gain contentment in everyday life. With its launch of New Selbelle Premium, Eisai will evoke the joy of eating with the effects of SEI-I, and further respond to the wishes of consumers who want to enjoy their favorite foods through their whole lifetime and to enjoy their meals with precious family and friends.


* SEI-I, which is a registered trademark of Eisai (Registration number: 4983286), implies the idea of reconditioning the declined stomach function to normal.


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Product name

New Selbelle® Premium Tablets (category-2 OTC drug)
New Selbelle® Premium Fine Granules (category-2 OTC drug)

Active Ingredients

Ingredients of Adult Daily Dose : Per 3 tablets / 3 sachets
Teprenone 150 mg
Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome Dried Extract 150 mg
Magnolia Bark Dried Extract 83.4 mg

Lipase AP6 14.7 mg
Indications and Usage (Both Products) indigestion, overeating, anorexia, stomach/abdominal bloating, ardor ventriculi, excessive consumption of alcohol, nausea, vomiting, chest pressure and tightness in the chest 
Administration and Dosage Adults (15 years of age and older):
Take one tablet/one sachet with cold or hot water three times a day after meals.
Recommended Retail Price (excluding tax) <New Selbelle® Premium Tablets>
18 Tablet Bottle 950 yen / 36 Tablet Bottle 1,800 yen / 72 Tablet Bottle 2,700 yen
<New Selbelle® Premium Fine Granules>
12 Sachet Box 1,000 yen / 24 Sachet Box 1,950 yen
Manufactured by Nitto Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.
Marketed by Eisai Co., Ltd.


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New Selbelle Premium® Fine Granules (category-2 OTC drug)
New Selbelle Premium ® Tablets (category-2 OTC drug)