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Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toyama, President and CEO: Yuichi Tamura, “Nichi-Iko”) and Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) announced that they have commenced co-promotion of Nichi-Iko products as well as collaboration on integrated package strategies promoted by Eisai.

1. Co-promotion
Nichi-Iko and Eisai are conducting co-promotion activities for five products (including products scheduled for launch) based on four ingredients distributed by Nichi-Iko as follows from today (April 1, 2019).

Products for co-promotion: 

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Ingredient typeProduct name
Anticancer agent

Capecitabine tablets 300mg [Nichi-Iko]

(scheduled for supplemental listing in June 2019)

Anticancer agent /

epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) tyrosine kinase inhibitor

Gefitinib tablets 250mg [Nichi-Iko]

(scheduled for supplemental listing in June 2019)
Taxoid class anticancer agent

Docetaxel intravenous formulation 20mg/1mL [EE]

                                                          80mg/4mL [EE]
Antiviral chemotherapy Entecavir tablets 0.5mg [EE]

Products will be distributed by Nichi-Iko.

2. Collaboration on Integrated Package Strategies 
In accordance with its medium term business plan EWAY2025, Eisai is promoting “integrated package strategies” which involve the delivery of optimized solutions combining Eisai Group products, IT tools and other assets as packages, aiming to contribute to home and regional healthcare. The main purpose of these package strategies is not just to provide treatment efficacy, but also to provide solutions aiming toward outcomes.
Under the strategic alliance agreement signed between Nichi-Iko and Eisai on March 28, 2018, the two companies are collaborating on these package strategies in areas where they have synergies. Specifically, in disease areas such as liver disease, breast cancer, epilepsy / brain tumors / cerebral infarction, dementia, rheumatism and constipation, which are based on clinical questions in the field, Eisai will promote integrated packages combined sequentially using products from Nichi-Iko’s lineup of over 1,000 products that will realize value together with Eisai’s product lineup based primarily on real world data.

By providing value-added, high quality generic products, Nichi-Iko and Eisai will continue working together to contribute to a greater number of patients and their families, as well as regional healthcare.


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1. About Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 

Since the establishment of Nichi-Iko Group in 1965, Nichi-Iko has steadily developed its business to contribute to people’s health and quality of life by manufacturing high-quality, cost-effective pharmaceuticals. Our mission is to provide value-added, high quality generic products which meet the needs of patients, doctors, pharmacists, wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies in the global market as one of the most respected, well established generic companies in the world. In working to fulfil this mission, we seek to earn the trust and respect of all our stakeholders and to be the first choice for our customers.

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2. About Eisai Co., Ltd.

Eisai Co., Ltd. is a leading global research and development-based pharmaceutical company headquartered in Japan. We define our corporate mission as “giving first thought to patients and their families and to increasing the benefits health care provides,” which we call our human health care (hhc) philosophy. With approximately 10,000 employees working across our global network of R&D facilities, manufacturing sites and marketing subsidiaries, we strive to realize our hhc philosophy by delivering innovative products in various therapeutic areas with high unmet medical needs, including Neurology and Oncology.

As a global pharmaceutical company, our mission extends to patients around the world through our investment and participation in partnership-based initiatives to improve access to medicines in developing and emerging countries.

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