Financial Data

FY2016 Result

  • While an increase was recorded following growth of Lenvima (anticancer agent, product name for renal cell carcinoma indication in Europe: Kisplyx) and Fycompa (antiepileptic agent) as well as the contribution from newly added consolidated subsidiary EA Pharma Co., Ltd., the Group's revenue finished overall at down 1.6% year on year) due in part to the impact of national drug price revisions in Japan and foreign currency fluctuations.
  • By segment, revenue from the Group's Japan pharmaceutical business and Asia pharmaceutical business increased. Similarly, on a local currency basis, all overseas pharmaceutical businesses also achieved growth.
  • By product, combined revenue from all four global brands (Halaven, Lenvima, Fycompa and Belviq) soared by 14.5% year on year, despite the impact of foreign currency fluctuations.
  • Operating profit resulted up 13.7% year on year owing to improved performance and efficiency in operations, as well as one-off income following the acquisition of EA Pharma shares (gain from a bargain purchase) and receipt of milestone payments for progress on joint R&D projects.
  • Profit for the year came to down 23.3% year on year, owing to the reduced tax expenses following a transfer of shares in a U.S. subsidiary in the previous fiscal year, while profit for the year attributable to owners of the parent was down 28.4% year on year.