Global Tax Policies

Execution of global proper tax payments

Eisai, in its global tax policy, pledges to execute thorough compliance with current tax systems in each country worldwide putting an utmost priority on proper tax payment. Furthermore, Eisai is proactively committed toward the BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) Action Plan, which is the international framework led by OECD/G20 to prevent cross-border tax avoidance activities. With these efforts, Eisai works to prevent deterioration of corporate value caused by taxation penalties or double taxation.

Promotion of proper tax payments and governance

Eisai executes proper tax payments through promotion of compliance among all officers and employees as well as the enhancement of the audit system. In particular Eisai distributes the Compliance Handbook to all officers and employees in Eisai Network (ENW) companies and all of them commit to observing the contents of the Compliance Handbook including the following:

“EISAI must make the correct payments to governments as required by applicable tax laws. It is important to maintain sufficient documents to prove and support the accuracy of our records and to establish proper criteria for our decisions. EISAI prohibits false information and forged vouchers in reimbursement or account settlements, as well as misrepresentation or concealment of relevant facts in a tax inspection; all these activities hinder proper tax payments.”

In addition, Eisai has adopted a system featuring an Audit Committee which consists of five members (three outside directors including the Chair, and two inside directors) to supervise the execution of duties by directors and corporate officers as well as audit business reports, their supplementary statements and financial statements.

Tax Planning

Eisai's tax planning aims to comprehensively enhance corporate value through initiatives including the elimination of double taxation, based on proper tax payment worldwide.