Ethical and Transparent Drug Creation Activities

The Eisai Group carries out pharmaceutical R&D while maintaining a high sense of ethics based on the hhccorporate concept, complying with the spirit of the Declaration of Helsinki, various regulations in each country, international standards including ICH-GCP (standards for undertaking clinical trials of drugs), as well as with all relevant regulations, standards and human rights.
Furthermore, Eisai has internally established a Research Ethics Review Committee and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee to give thorough consideration to morality and the well-being of animals in our research, respectively.
Especially in clinical research, Eisai adheres to ICH-GCP, obtains informed consent from patients and conducts clinical research in accordance with the regulatory requirements of each country, internal standards as well as trial implementation protocols.
Furthermore, when choosing contract research organizations (CRO) to outsource various kinds of work relating to clinical trials, Eisai conducts audits beforehand, and according to the Eisai Group's policy and standards, continuously assesses CRO activities and takes responsibility for their management.
In addition, from fiscal 2015, the Eisai Group determined its "Policy on Clinical Trial Data Access and the Disclosure of Clinical Trial Information", and promotes the responsible sharing of clinical trial data to facilitate advances in medicine and chemistry.

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