L'Arche Kana no Ie Members Visit Eisai Headquarters

October, 2023

In July 2023, members of the social welfare corporation L'Arche Kana no Ie, a facility for people with intellectual disabilities in Shizuoka City, visited Eisai headquarters.


The day started with a sales fair of handmade soap, during which participants enjoyed interacting with Eisai employees who visited to purchase the products. The event was very successful, and all the soaps were sold out.

The members of Kana no Ie became interested in visiting Eisai to sell their soaps after interacting with employees from Eisai at their facility. Upon achieving this goal, they commented “My dream comes true!”, “I'm so happy!”, “What a great day!”, “I don't need any more birthday presents this year (I'm so happy that my hopes came true)!”



After, they moved to the “Co-Creation Lounge”, a space at Eisai headquarters used for social exchange with people from outside the company, to have lunch and participate in a drawing activity with Eisai employees.

After the drawings were completed, each participant was asked to give a presentation on the thoughts put into their work.


Below are some of the thoughts of Eisai employees who participated in the event.

・    I had heart felt moment when we talked on the topic of “things that were fun and made you happy''. They responded with “meeting all of you today”.

・    Working on drawing together, exchanging words, interacting with each other, and seeing their smiles immediately moved my heart. I have never thought that being so close to ones friends could give one so much strength.

・    We were able to relax and had enjoyable conversational exchanges as everyone from Kana no Ie talked a lot about their thoughts and feelings. Even though our conversations were not very long, I felt the significance of the thoughts contained in each word, and at the same time, I found contentment in communication that was not limited to words.






Under the hhc philosophy, Eisai gives first thought to patients and people in the daily living domain, and places high value on “socialization” activities in which we share time together with them. We will seek to contribute to patients and people in the daily living domain through empathizing with their thoughts and feelings that might not necessarily always be expressed in words.





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