Supporting Patients in Myanmar through a Mobile Medical Clinic (Myanmar)

June, 2012

Eisai employees distribute patient information leaflets

In Myanmar, the majority of medical and welfare facilities are located in urban areas, leaving those people living in regional towns and cities without sufficient access to modern healthcare.
As part of a collaborative program with the Myanmar Medical Association, Eisai has supported a mobile medical clinic two to three times a year since 2003 to carry out medical examinations in regions with inadequate healthcare infrastructure. Specifically, in addition to donating medicines, local Eisai employees support patients with things such as the completion of procedures necessary to undergo medical examinations as well as provide healthcare related information through various means, including the distribution of patient information pamphlets that explain about Eisai products.

Mr. Jimmy Myint, currently responsible for sales management, inventory control, finance, staff training and various other activities in Myanmar, describes the mobile medical clinic as follows:
“Although our team had a good relationship with doctors in the fields of cardiology and neurology, we had yet to establish good relations with those in the field of orthopedics.
After learning that the Myanmar Orthopedic Society wanted to provide medical knowledge to local residents as well as its own staff, I proposed that we set up a mobile medical clinic. However, back in those days, local authorities would not permit the holding of events in which a large number of people gathered together in one place. Against this backdrop, we decided to partner with the Myanmar Women's Association to organize public talks and continuing education opportunities for medical professionals. By carrying out such activities, we were able gain the support of the president on the Myanmar Medical Association and start our mobile medical clinic. Nowadays, the Myanmar Ministry of Health is conducting the same sort of activities on a nationwide scale.
The mobile medical clinic has provided many patients with the opportunity to share with us their heartfelt joy at being able to receive medical care. Furthermore, we have also been able to build a good relationship with doctors and establish the activity as a successful business venture through which Eisai, as a company, also benefits.”

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