Interacting with Cancer Patients at Kawashima Industrial Park-Experiencing Patient Emotions Firsthand

March, 2012

Employees at the Kawashima Industrial Park in Gifu Prefecture have the opportunity to interact with cancer survivors periodically. With the cooperation of Cancer Support Center, an NPO that supports cancer patients in Kakamigahara City, five cancer survivors visit Kawashima Industrial Park every month.

This program allows park employees to learn about the various issues faced by cancer patients and their families such as how to tell loved ones about a cancer diagnosis, hospital life, bonds with family members or colleagues, home-care and work.

One employee who participated in discussions with cancer survivors commented that:
“Cancer patients take the stable supply of high quality products for granted. I constantly tell myself that I need to fulfill their expectations. Furthermore, our daily efforts to improve productivity and efficiency can be considered as a reinvestment to create new medicines that satisfy unmet medical needs.”

Employees listen attentively to presentations by cancer survivors
Round Table Discussion

Through spending time with cancer patients, employees involved in the production of pharmaceuticals were able to gain insight into the feelings of patients and their true needs as well as hints for packaging and formulations that make would make the patients' life easier or that would ensure that healthcare professionals can carry out their job more efficiently. The Kawashima Industrial Park will continue such activities over the long-term so as to make further contributions to patients.