Spending Time with Patients is the Key to human health care - “hhc Initiative 2010”

September, 2010

On July 23, 2010, “hhc Initiative 2010” was held at the Eisai Group's global headquarters in Tokyo, with approximately 130 group employees, including top management from around the world, in attendance. The hhc initiative is held annually to recognize outstanding innovation activities chosen from amongst a number of hhc driven initiatives and papers solicited from within the company.

The 17 initiatives awarded this year were all activities undertaken by employees who were driven by the sincere desire to increase the benefits provided to patients and their families as well as the wider public.

Award Recipients

A patient with early-onset Alzheimer's disease and his wife were invited along with Dr. Kumiko Nagata of the Tokyo Dementia Care Research and Training Center to speak during a special talk session on the topic of “Building Communities Where Dementia Patients and Their Families Can Live with Peace of Mind.” During their talk, the dementia patient and his wife touched on a variety of topics, including the emotional changes they have undergone since onset of the disease and ways to support patients with dementia. Dr. Nagata spoke of the importance of patients and their caregivers continuing to live lives in accordance with their own beliefs and values.

Talk Session

This year's presentations and lectures provided Eisai employees with the chance to gain an even deeper awareness of the fact that spending time with patients is key to conceiving and implementing activities that take into account the patients' perspectives.
Eisai remains committed to accelerating the implementation of activities to facilitate the realization of its hhc philosophy by employees around the globe in an effort to further increase the benefits it provides to patients and their families as well as the wider public.