Product Creation hhc Meeting 2010

July, 2010

Over the two day period from April 15th to 16th, 2010, approximately 50 hhc promotion committee and hhc steering committee members from “Eisai Product Creation Systems (EPCS),” the organization responsible for research and development, came together from various operational sites around the country to participate in EPCS's annual hhc Meeting for Japan-based employees.

A distinct feature of hhc activities carried out by EPCS last year was that projects were designed to actively include employees who were newly-hired by the company at the beginning of fiscal 2009. These new employees, drawn to Eisai because of its hhc philosophy, were divided into six groups, in which they had to come up with ideas as to things they could do to contribute to patients and their families before actually putting these ideas into practice. In addition to results of these projects being presented during the meeting, reports were given by the leaders of 13 projects nominated by each of the operational sites.

These presentations were followed by a discussion led by projects leaders, in which participants exchanged ideas about how they thought each of the hhc activities contributes to patients and their families. This session provided an excellent forum for veteran employees to pass on their passion for hhc to their entry-level colleagues.

A presentation by an employee from another division on the theme “Projects Promoting the Safe Use of Medicines” was also included as a special part of the program. This presentation showcased an hhc project that stemmed from the employee's wish to ensure that patients were able to take efficacious medicines with greater peace of mind. Employees who attended the presentation we able to further deepen their awareness of the company's mission to deliver efficacious medicines to patients in a timely manner.

Eisai believes that Product Creation hhc Meeting participants will play a pivotal role in further raising the quality of hhc activities, which will in turn lead to the company being able to increase benefits to an even greater number of patients and their families as well as members of the general public.


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