Renewing Our Awareness of Our Responsibility and Mission to Bring Joy to the Patient

May, 2009

Eisai hopes to continue to provide products, information, services, and networks as a package to meet not only overt requests, but also the latent desires that we have become aware of through listening first-hand to the views of patients and their families in our interaction with patients' associations.

In January 2009, members of a patients' organization toured the Misato Plant. After an introduction to the Misato Plant, the visitors followed the tour course to view the manufacturing site.

Further, after the introduction of the “non-rolling tablet form” and the “packaging that is easy to remove from the sheet” that are currently being studied, we were able to obtain many concrete requests and valuable opinions from the patients, as well as words of encouragement. Patients also commented that for them, medicine is not just somebody else's problem, but actually sustains their lives, renewing our awareness towards our responsibility and mission to bring joy to the patient.


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